KPI also known as key performance indicators, use information, and plan of the project to make strategies for a successful project. In this article, you can get full access to Employee KPI Template Excel and other multiple types of business (Mentioned Below). These indicate highlight how the project is progressing and indicates if there is an underlying problem going on. KPIs make use of quantitative data to establish the plan for the excellent well-being of your projects.

  1. Unique Dashboard
  2. All in One KPI Dashboard in Excel
  3. Generate reports and employee data
  4. Multiple projects managing

So, the KPIs are very helpful and present a clear picture of indicators of exactly how a project is working.

To keep yourself focused, use a narrow amount of good quality KPIs to assist you to meet up the project objective successfully.

Here in this article, we will be discussing What is KPI in project management? How do you measure KPI in project management? How to create a KPI template? We will also review some KPIs examples. Here, you can read a related article and also get access to the template: HR KPI Dashboard Excel 

Key Features of Employee KPI Template

Project management KPIs are very helpful and built to keep your project-related targets on track. The KPIs template excel is vital to serving the purpose.

  1. This is the best strategy to resolve the problem before it causes any serious damage to the progress of the program.
  2. Because the issues stay unnoticed this can lead to a major failure.

Consequently, creating KPIs is very crucial and essential for the successful achievement of every project. We cannot deny the importance of indicators for the accomplishment of your business tasks. Moreover, it is very valuable to contribute to good health and smooth running of tasks in a project.

Project KPI Template Excel

KPIs for Project Management


As we all know, different type of project has a different requirement for budget, resources, etc. in the same way there are different types of KPIs for different projects. In the case of indicators used for Project Management, the main goal is s the success of the project.

Here, you can read a related article and also get access to the template: Project Management KPI Dashboard Excel 

Following is some important KPIs often used for project management:

  1. Project plan
  2. Assessment of project achievement
  3. Recent growth backlog
  4. Labor expenses monthly
  5. Present reserve allotment
  6. Knowledge of the project aims
  7. Deciding the project accomplishment metrics
  8. Pinpoint the project possible shareholders

Employee Sales KPI Template

The sales KPI basically is the sales result representation, for the enhancement of performance, establish liability, and especially tracing improvement. Every task and project has become exceptionally easy if you have the data about how you are performing, the same is the case for sales.

The Sales KPI Template allows you to chase and follow sales based on manufactured goods, area, and consumer kind. Using a KPI template also helps you to save time by not having to create various lengthy reports. You will have easily interpreted data in graphical form. In addition, this tool is also user-friendly and easy to use.

Employee Growth & development KPIs

Every businessman has a wish to grow and establish his business. In order to get success, you must keep a birds-eye on your growth and development. This is the only way to see how you are d doing and how is your business progressing. By using growth and development KPIs you can easily track growth and see whether it is happening at the proper rate or not. With the use of proper Growth KPI in place, you make a substantial influence on the business. Related Reference: Employee Productivity Tracker

Here are some of the basic growth indicators:

  1. 2.    Amount of effective projects
  2. 3.    Labor expenses for every task
  3. 4.    Task backlog
  4. 5.    Product presentation
  5. 6.    Monthly sales growth
  6. 7.    Standard income margin
  7. 8.    Sales opportunities

How Performance Indicators Calculate through Employee KPI Template Excel?

The performance indicators are to pinpoints how smoothly the business is progressing.

The performance indicators often are chosen base on your particular business kind, processes, and industry. For instance, KPIs for performance might be applied to measure fields like:

      1. Profit by article
      2. Product worth
      3. Consumer assistance
      4. The time necessary to fulfill tasks
      5. Customer appointments
      6. Team turnover.

Here is a very informative related article for you and you can also get full access to the template: Employee Performance Plan Template

Quality Assurance KPIs Template

The main responsibility of a project manager especially in a manufacturing firm is quality assurance and client satisfaction. If you deliver good quality products and if your consumer is happy your business can flourish very rapidly.

Here are the key quality-based project management KPIs you can use as sample KPIs for the project manager role.

      1. Client fulfillment
      2. Employee Attrition
      3. Profit Sponsor Score
      4. Problems tracked by a team member or members
      5. Issues discovered by a customer

You can also visit: (Issue Log Template Excel).

Types of KPI Templates Excel:

Let’s check some unique examples of Employee KPI Template Excel. This template is exactly suitable for all businesses mentioned below here.

KPI Scorecard Template

KPI scorecard template allows a key person to analyze overall performance & output of progress, with this template Manager can generate quick charts by entering the values. It is productive to take decisions for increasing performance and productivity and decreasing the costs.

Safety KPI Template

Safety First. Safety KPI Template Excel helps the manager and decision-maker to manage the safe operations during the processing of a project by simply using these templates e.g. Incidents/accidents reporting rate, minor and critical incidents, precautions, and preventions.

HR KPI Template Excel

HR KPI Templates are the set of metrics that allow measuring the contribution and performance of the HR department for the company e.g. interviewing costs, the time span for hiring, services, average salary, and wages settlement, training costs, leave policy, etc.

Production KPI Template Excel

This Template Excel is used to analyze and manage the labor cost and production cost, the time duration for complete production average cycle time, the manufacturing manager or staff select the relevant KPI from the template.

Maintenance KPI Template Excel

Maintenance work required KPI Dashboard for monitoring daily base activities. In-vehicle service stations, and software maintenance, this type of template best fits.


Subsequently, we have seen that Employee KPI Template Excel is very handy and useful for batter business. As it permits to have better familiarity and aids in decision making.

It is one of the best and finest tactics for running a business. As it allows you to see the implementation and focus on business development.

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