When a company hires an employee, it goes through their weaknesses and strengths. Employee Performance Plan specifically helps you to categorize your team according to their strength and instead of putting company matters at risk and challenging their effectiveness, meaningful work plans are developed which overall improves the efficiency of project outcomes.

Employee performance plan template has plenty of templates but it is called a formal document that gives an insight into the performance of employees with relatable goals as per the roles assigned to them. It helps the team to stay focused and motivated. This motivation encourages them to do better. The Project Manager keeps an eye on the long- and short-term project goals in case goals aren’t met then further changes in the action plan are required.
A PIP template is used when:

  • An employee is not meeting the performance standards
  • If legal protection required for the company
  • It is an important tool to improve employee performance ratio and maintain standards

There is no specific duration of PIP, it varies according to the role of the employee and the nature of the job. But it may last for 30, 60, or 90 days commonly. In-case PIP is issued to an employee; there is no need to panic. Work hard, set an example, and beat the set criteria.

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Benefits of Employee Performance Plan Template (PIP)

It greatly enhances the employees’ involvement and gives them charge to see their performance scales and improve their behaviors. It helps to figure out individual’s deficiencies and constantly motivates them to get over them.  Always set achievable goals otherwise it will lead to employee’s discouragement.

PIP Template


Fig. 1 this is one such example of Employee Performance Plan Template

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Creating a performance improvement plan

Every plan of action requires some key steps. By following these few steps, you can easily write a performance action plan. Steps are explained below:

Employee Performance Plan Template Excel

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  1. Identify Areas of Improvement

The basic purpose of using a performance improvement plan is to target problem areas. The issues are mostly related to either performance or behavior. Problem areas are identified and corrections are made accordingly. Problem areas differ according to the performance of an employee.

  1. Set Up Performance Levels

After the identification of the problem, a performance improvement plan is built.  Setting up realistic goals is the next step. These goals help to improve performance and motivate employees to reach the target point.

  1. Give Feedback for Improvement

Feedback is extremely important, whoever is writing a performance improvement plan gives suggestions that can possibly improve performance. It can be additional training, reading related articles or even talking to teammates might help.

  1. Keep an Eye on Progress

Frequent meeting with the managers or assistant manager for check and balance helps to meet the goals. These meetings make the employee conscious that he/she is under constant observation which impacts both the performance and behavior.

  1. Setup a Plan if Criteria is not fulfilled

Certain duration is decided for the observation of performance and by the end of that duration possible conclusions are drawn on the basis of which consequences are outlined.

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Employee Performance plan template Examples

 Following are examples of a Performance Plan Template it can vary according to the nature of the job.

Supervisor Name: [James Hock, Human Resource Manager]

Employee Name: [Andrew Shawn, Call Center Agent- Night Shift]
Date: [March 22, 2021]

Reason: [Sudden decline in performance is observed last 1 month. You aren’t meeting the minimum criteria which are 25%. Therefore, an improvement plan is issued for constant motivation and observation]

Expectations: [We are giving you the time of 1 month which is starting from 23rd March 2021 to 23rd April 2021. You have to target above 60% of the monthly sales criteria to prove your value. All agents are assessed on the same criteria]

Suggestions: [Team lead and myself are available all the time to help you. If you have queries, visit our office. I’m sending you few articles that may help you to improve your sales and stay focused]

Schedule: [We are setting up a meeting day weekly to regularly monitor performance. Visit my office every Thursday or Saturday at 2:00 pm. Let me know if the meeting time or day is not convenient for you. We will reschedule if needed]

Consequences: [In case you are not able to reach the mentioned criteria you will have to face immediate termination by the end of this period]

Signature of Manager: James Hock

Signature of Employee: Andrew Shawn

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When to use a performance improvement plan?

The (PIP) performance improvement letter is needed to be used when employee or project’s stakeholders are not showing interest in their given tasks or they are not capable enough to give a performance in concerned domains. Thus, the employee performance plan template is a form-based document, where concerned authority i.e., HR/project managers can highlight the weak areas of an employee.
Firstly, authorities need to give an opportunity to employees to get back on track by rectifying errors/ deficiencies and improving the work performance. Otherwise, the PIP letter represents the employee’s all deficiencies, violation of the company’s code of conduct, non-serious attitude, and bad behavior to work. This job is typically done by a project manager through a HR manager.

 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

 Q.1. What should be the duration of the PIP template?

Ans. A PIP duration depends on the employee’s job description and the nature of the assigned task.

Q.2. How to develop an employee performance improvement plan?

Ans. First of all concerned person define the weak areas and deficiencies and use the following steps:

a. Providing examples of low-performance areas
b. Identifying the cause of low-performance
c. Creating an action plan
d. Time set for new goal achievement
e. Strong communication with employees to highlight their output results.

Q.3. What if an employee refuses to sign the PIP letter?

Ans. If any employee refuses to sign the PIP, it may cause immediate termination from the job. To sign the PIP indicates that employees agree with all terms and conditions of the performance plan.

Q.4. Is project templates charging an annual/ renewal fee for project management-related templates?

Ans. No, Projectemplates is providing cost-effective powerful project management tools/ templates and dashboards for a lifetime.

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