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Why Employee Productivity Tracker Excel Templates?

Are you a business manager or the owner of a company? And do you face difficulty managing your staff? And are you in search of

Employee Productivity production obtained during a time with respect to the number of workers or reserves spent and used in a particular period. Productivity of employee productivity is calculated differently in different industries e,g:

  1. Excel Spreadsheet Template for Tracking
  2. Excel Sales Tracking Template 
  3. Productivity Report Template Excel 
  4. Customer Tracking Spreadsheet Excel
  5. Employee Productivity Tracking Software

For instance, in a production Business, employee efficiency can be calculated and monitored by units produced time, units generated by every employee. Furthermore, in sales Business, productivity is seen by the sale of units for each member of staff each day.

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Features of Employee Productivity Tracker

Now you can easily and efficiently examine and watch your project progresses efficiently with a simple and straight employee project activity tracker. It comes in ppt and excels format. This makes this tool very easy and user-friendly.


Employee Productivity Tracker Excel will also permit you to efficiently distribute your existing business assets. By using this you can effortlessly organize and give responsibilities to all the project-associated workers.

By using this tracker, the managers can distribute the work effectively and actively amongst project teams. You also will be able to set assignment targets and accountability arrangements through this valuable tool. So, using this activity tracker tool helps you and your business management to achieve your projects on time. It surely will aid in enhancing your client’s knowledge. Consequently, this enhances your client’s contentment level and that is a plus point for your project.

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Employee Monthly Performance Tracking Report

This report is made to give a bird’s eye to the progress of the project. Employee Productivity Tracker Excel will allow the managers to manage the project in a better way. This also aids in presenting a clearer picture of the project in front of the employees and managers. This helps in running the project at a good pace and better chances of fulfilling the tasks on time in a better way.

This template is mainly important in assessment conferences on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Different type of companies has different performance indicator. These indicators help in maintaining the progress of the project process efficiently.employee productivity tracking software

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Benefits of evaluating employee Productivity tracker

There are countless advantages of measuring employee productivity. Here are some of the most important and promising aspects included:

  1. This will allow you to get maximum benefit and performance from your project team members. Which will result in managing your finances and reduce your budget.
  2. As we discussed this will aid in lowering the considerable amount of cost and eventually the chances of an increase in profit are high.
  3. Determining and evaluating employee productivity supports the organization to manage human resources in a better way.
  4. It helps in delivering orders on time. Your time and delivery management will be improved to many folds. And hence this surely will be very helpful and effective for the good health of your project. Plus, this will also facilitate and open new doors for development prospects.
  5. By using this tool, you will be on top and beat your competitors easily

Consequently, assessing employee efficiency should be a must-have part of any business.

Types of employee productivity tracking

There are three main types of employee productivity tracking:

  1. Unit Productivity
  2. Dollar Productivity
  3. Hourly Productivity.

There is a basic formula you can use. The formula is you divide the average output by the total input, and you will get employee productivity value. The input contains investment expenses, energy, and raw material prices, and the workforce needed.

Plus, to find out sales productivity it is required to add a range of extra outputs. These outputs include a list of new clients, plus the number of transactions in dollars.

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Units Productivity

For Unit Productivity, you must enter 3 following details:

  1. Number of Units Produced
  2. Period of Production
  3. Quantity of employees.

Hourly Employee Productivity

For finding out Hourly Productivity the data you need to add is:

  1. No of Units Made
  2. Duration of Manufacture
  3. Total workers
  4. Workforces working hours per day.

Dollar Productivity

For Dollar Productivity measurement the information you require is:

  1. No of Pieces Produced
  2. Period of Manufacture
  3. Cost Per Unit
  4. Number of workers

employee monitoring software

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Employee Productivity tracking and reporting

The reporting not only helps in understanding and analyzing the project progress and worker’s performance. it will also assist in keeping things on track. And then based on this you can make improvements and adjustments. It is one of the most important and crucial things. Employee performance tracking and reporting is an extraordinary tool to monitor performance. The performance is tracked on a regular basis and whether things are on track and working as planned or not. This practice of tracking and reporting improves the perception of accountability and supervision becomes the expected improved results.

To make your project successful you must know how to manage your employees and resources effectively. You must have information about the running projects and their progress.

The amount of work done should also be in your knowledge to manage the project smoothly. This is particularly genuine if several phases are components of the method.

There are many ways and tools available for tracing workers working progress with the assistance of software and additional organizing templates like the Employee Productivity Tracker Excel.

Productivity tracking software

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Productivity tracking software is a very useful and helpful tool when it comes to technical tracking of the worker’s performance. This tool is the key to monitor the issues and reasons concerning employee productivity. It facilitates evaluating employee performance and keeps track of precise activities.

A Fully Computerized and automatic Employees Time Tracking software can easily summarize the behaviors. This technical tool will also examine the timestamps by which the management can observe that where and how employees are spending their time during working hours.

There is a variety of different employee performance tracking software accessible. Some of them are free and user-friendly. But for the paid ones all you need to do is buy, configure it and head start.


So, we have seen a discussion that we can not miss on the Employee Productivity tracking. This is a must-have tool for the betterment a success of your project.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Q.1. What is the smart approach to measuring productivity?

Ans. ProjecTemplates.NET is offering 1900+ project management templates with the latest updated version of Portfolio Dashboard. Simply you can get the toolkit, install the software and here you go, just enter your logical data in a sheet and get the overall monitoring and tracking of your project’s productivity.

Q.2. What is the best project management tool/ software?

Ans. There are a lot of in the market, but I have already written an in the detailed article for you: Best Project Management Software & Tools

Q.3. How can a good manager track employee performance without using the software?

Ans. If a project manager is unable to use any tool or software then he needs to take care of the following few basic things to get the good output:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Measure Deadlines
  3. Keep Check on backtrack
  4. Prefer to work smart than extra hard
  5. Keep surprise checks
  6. Keep an eye for the bottom line
  7. Inquire often from employees

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