Staffing Management Plan Example

Today’s topic is Staffing Management Plan, which is basically related to the human resource department of any organization.

All the staffing and new hiring are done using templates like the staffing management plan example. This is very helpful in making your staff and picking the proper person for a proper job.

According to Phillip & Gully, the main components of strategic staffing are development, tracing, recruiting, picking, obtaining, arranging, and retaining talented staff members to make a strong team.

Staffing Management Plan allows to determine the following requirements of employees as the HR department leads this plan:

  1. Prior Tasks division
  2. Required number of staff members
  3. Required set of skills and experience of employees for a project
  4. Related Project requirements of staff

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Your project depends on the type of team members you have and the team you are building. That is why Staffing Management Plan Template is very important in the project management industry.

This tool allows you to pick the best possible Staff for the purpose. Having a proper and competent team can affect the overall performance of the project.

What are the components of the staffing management plan example?

Recruitment and staffing are something that should be done with proper care and is a vital part of the success of any project.

This tool is helpful in maintaining balance and also making sure the team is competent and helpful enough to proceed with the order effectively.

Using a proper staffing plan, you can make things easy in situations in which one member lave and another takeover. This kind of template helps in saving a lot of time by making switching easy and straightforward.

Examples of Staffing Management Plan

In this article, we will see what a staffing project plan is, how it works, and why it is important?

We will also discuss some of its examples.

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The staff management plan is the most important component of human resource management it often mainly includes a staff calendar, resource calendar, staff training schedule and staff release plan management schedule, etc.

The staff management planning basically covers the main overall plan of all the resource management plans of the project.

Subsequently, it is essential to give importance to the staffing plans as it is what makes things happen on time in your project.

It mainly is the team members and staff who play an important role in completing all the tasks in the project. As it is the staff which mainly consume and work with all the resource and money.

Henceforth it is imperative to choose the right resources and staff at the right time for the right amount of time.

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Employee Performance Evaluation

Smart project managers always assess employee performance by using different techniques. The employee performance evaluation technique is very useful and productive in staffing management plans.

Project managers find out the positivity and negativity of their employees by swot analysis and determine staff evaluation. This procedure helps to put the right person in the right place.

Thus, the employee performance evaluation is used to increase future productivity by changing a few procedures and making the working style easy and smart.

Good managers prefer appreciation instead of criticism. They support their team to motivate them and always try to correct things.

Staffing Management Plan templates are preset documents which are supporting project managers to evaluate and assess in a professional way.

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Employee Performance Review Example

Following is the example of an employee performance review template:

In the staffing management plan example first part shows the employee personnel information e.g., employee name, department, date, time, review, and reviewer’s information.

Similarly, the second part in this template represents the performance review status and its parameters from poor to excellent.
The following parameters are used to generate a review:

Staff Management Plan Template


  1. Job Knowledge
  2. Employee Productivity
  3. Quality of Work
  4. Technical Skills
  5. Work Consistency
  6. Enthusiasm
  7. Cooperation
  8. Attitude
  9. Initiative
  10. Work Relations
  11. Creativity
  12. Punctuality
  13. Attendance Record
  14. Dependability
  15. Communication Skills (Related Article: Communication MAnagement Plan Template Excel)
  16. Overall Rating of Employee Performance

Human Resource Management Plan

Managing humans is a tough job. Project managers are using various techniques and strategies to manage their employees and teams smoothly.

Staffing Management Plan is a sub-category of the Human Resource Management Plan.

Following are the top-rated HR Templates:

These templates are being used to increase and evaluate the employee’s performance and productivity.

  1. Newly hired employee’s record
  2. Employee Training Schedule
  3. Hourly & Daily Performance schedule
  4. Weekly & Monthly Work Schedule
  5. Employee Evaluation
  6. Employee Attendance Record
  7. Employee Leave/ Vacation Policy
  8. Salary Record Template
  9. Employee Transition Plan
  10. Organogram Template

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How to Create a Strategic Staffing Plan for 2021?

As we know by now the staff management plan template is of great importance. Now the next thing which comes to mind is how to create it. Here are some of the main steps for a general Strategic Staffing Plan:

  1. First, you need to make sure the staffing plan is simple and straightforward. You must also ensure the staffing plan is compatible with the overall project plan.
  2. When making a staffing plan keep the project needs in mind
  3. Then conduct a gap analysis of the plan to check and ensure its compatibility
  4. Lastly considering all the aspects make a proper plan to make staff organized and well managed

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Staffing management plan vs resource management plan

staffing management plan example and resource management plan basically is an example of two peas in a pod. The staff managing plan is an important part of the project resources plan.

Basically, the staffing plan is a component of a resource management plan as the resources plan is known to be the bigger picture.

The human Resource Management Plan mainly highlights the main roles and responsibilities of the project team members. This covers the managing and monitoring of resources in one place. It mainly covers the whole complete project.

On the other hand, a staffing plan is the process of the resource plan, a smaller part of the project’s whole structure. This plan chiefly covers and contain roles and responsibility and a staffing description.

Therefore, these two are associated with each other but not the same. In conclusion, a staffing management plan is specific and the human resource management plan is a completely inclusive approach.

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Consequently, we have seen that the staffing management plan example plays an important role in the overall resource management of the project as a whole.

It is highly recommended to make use of this type of plan to make your project plan work and run the project smoothly. As it is mainly the staff who is responsible for the success of the project.

Project managers always have a scheduling and staffing plan on hand when managing a project to make things manageable and under control.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.1. What is a staffing management plan?

Ans. A staffing management plan allows managers to depute the staff at the right place to run a project. It allows making decisions on how to utilize resources at right time and in the right place. The better the way you implement the staffing management plan the better result you get.

Q.2. What is a staffing example?

Ans. A very simple answer to this question is “Putting the right person at the right place” for the execution of a smooth project.

Q.3. What is a project staffing plan?

Ans. Project Staffing plan in an official business approach which is parallel to Human Resource plan. This approach is being used to get the best business output in projects by using the appropriate staffing.

Only depute the staff on a specific task with the best set of skills and professionalism.

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