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When you are planning and managing a project there is a need of maintaining team resource planning. The resource planning template comes in very handy in planning and managing the project efficiently.

It is one of the most important and crucial components of project management. Project managers use different tools and templates to manage the resources. The most frequently used template for this is the resource planning template in excel format. This tool comes in many forms and shapes and different formats, but the most popular and frequently used is the excel format.

  1. Staff Resource Planning Template
  2. Human Resource Planning Template
  3. Team Capacity Resource Planning Template
  4. Manufacturing Resource Planning
  5. Important tools for Team Resource Planning

There are basically two types of resource planning one is hypothetical which is based on the resource type. The resource type allows you to understand which skill is needed to manage this and allows you to allocate the best team member for the task. Secondly on the other hand there is actual resource planning based on the actual fact of the resources allocated for the project.

This article will walk you through the concept behind resource planning. And this will help you to understand the types of resource utilization tools and different types of Team Resource Planning Template Excel.

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What is Resource Utilization in Project Management?

This is basically to assess the capacity and progress of your project team. You can also see how the resources are used and what are the important aspects associated with them. The resource utilization tool helps to see whether the resources are under or overutilized.


It allows the project manager to have a detailed understanding of the project’s progress. It provides a tool for the understanding of the duties and performance of the project team members. By looking at resource utilization information the project managers can see how much time the project team is spending on the project.


Resource Allocation and Resource Utilization

These two might sound the same they are quite different from each other in concept. Resource allocation is the way in which the project managers access and see which task should be allocated to the which member of the project. This is also helpful when there is a need in changing or reallocating the project tasks within the team.

Project utilization is on the other hand is a way of assessing the strategic measurement of the resource effectiveness of the resources. Furthermore, the concept of allocation serves for the organization of the project and the utilization is the phenomena for the success of the project.

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Significance of Resource Planning

Resource planning is important for making most of the resources available for the project. It allows maintaining the productivity and proper flow of the project. It also makes sure that the team is on track and refrains from going under or over workload.

Therefore, the project can be managed and handled properly by using a resource planning tool. This gives the batter visibility of all the important aspects of the project task by task. It also refrains the resource to go under or overboard. Which results in better management and planning of the project and ensures success in the end.

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What are the types of team resource planning tools?

Following are the important types of Team Resource Planning Template Excel:

As we have seen that the resource planning is very important and crucial in the success of the project. Consequently, we cannot deny the significance of resource planning and management.

Following are some of the examples of the resource planning tools:

Resource Requirement Planning

The most important step of resource planning is to calculate the resource allocation of different tasks of the project. For instance, it allows seeing how many, and which resources are needed for the particular project. This allows you to understand and refrain from keeping track of the resources and avoid overlapping of the project tasks.

It also helps in keeping an account of the project tasks and resources. It allows to map out the resources and the and requirements of the resources against the tasks. Related Article: Milestone and Task Project Timeline Template

Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is one of the most important aspects of project management. It is one of the hard to manage aspects of project management. Resource planning includes the management of resource allocation and handling of the resources throughout the project. The human resource planning tools and templates are helpful in keeping a record of the project resources task by task.

Staff Resource Planning Template

Resource management and planning involve the task allotment to the different team members of the project. There is always a need of maintaining a log of all the duties assigned to the team members against the tasks. This helps in keeping track of the performance and keeps a proper balance in the project development. The staff resource planning makes sure you have a well-maintained schedule for the resource allocation among the team members of the project in accordance with their capacity.

Scrum Capacity Planning Excel Template

In Team Resource Planning Template Excel the Scrum Capacity Planning is used to plan and assign the tasks to utilize the total working hours. The project managers create this schedule before the scrum meeting. This approach is very effective to manage the time to complete the given tasks to the stakeholders. This methodology helps to meet the deadlines in safe manner.

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Team Capacity Planning Excel Template

Team capacity planning excels template help to manage the manpower in a project. By using this template, you can manage the time availability of the team. Like sprint planning, you get the freedom of assigning the tasks to the team according to their duty hours. Similarly, you can also track the performance of the team easily.


Manufacturing Capacity Planning

Manufacturing Capacity Planning is very important to approach in project management. This process is used for analyzing the product production requirement for the sales demand. This template is very useful to know the capacity of a warehouse and the limit of production in a specific time period. To get a better result you need to have enough information about your supply chain management.

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Hence, we have seen that resource planning is a crucial and important step in the successful completion of the project. Consequently, you must make sure a proper setup is maintained for resource planning of the project.


Frequently asked question answers

Q.1. How do you calculate capacity planning?

Ans. This approach is very simple to calculate. You can calculate it by using the total output/ production for a specific time period.

Q.2. What are the important tools of capacity planning?

Ans. The most important tools of capacity planning are IQMS ERP Software, Resource Guru, and Click-Up.

Q.3. Is there any annual renewal fee of Team Resource Planning Template Excel?

Ans. No, there is no annual renewal fee for project management templates on

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