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In this article, you will be able to get enough information to choose a Project Management Software for your small business/ team to manage your team. Nowadays there’s a penalty of software and tools available for Project Management related tasks, but when it comes to select one from a list that fulfills the needs and requirements of your small business and manage your team to get a productive output then it is very difficult and time taking process to test different tools/ software for your team.

The testing phase is very frustrating when you are trying different software for your business without having enough related information.

Here, you would be able to get relevant information of the project management software and tools and it makes it easier to do a comparison to check if it is completing your requirements.

Why Project Management Software?

Project Management Software is very effective to control/ manage a project and it’s and its team as well as in a proper systematized path. This software is specially designed to cover all aspects of the project and assigning the tasks step by step through a proper breakdown.  It is used for pre-estimation of tasks, risk identification, controlling timelines, glitches rectification, and monitoring the team performance and tasks progress.

Following are the best important categories which are used in successful project management.

1. Project Management Life Cycle
2. Project Tracking
3. Action Tracking
4. Multiple Project Tracking
5. Issue Log Management
6. Project Costing Estimation & Management
7. Gantt Chart with Milestone
8. Critical Chain Management
9. Stakeholder Register Template
10. HR Templates

What are the Best Types of Project Management Software?

Following are the top 10 Best Project Management Software for Small Team:

1. Proofhub

This software is user friendly with very simple and easy user interference designed to manage small teams in small business. There is the penalty of tools available used in all aspects of project management to guide and monitor the team. Proofhub software and its app are effective in Gantt chart creation and monitor the team. The usage of this tool allows project managers to take extreme control and monitoring over the team.
Proofhub software is easily available with fixed plans and no per-user fee.
You can get this software from the official website: Download Proofhub Now

2. Teamwork

It strongly connects every team member together and represents the progress performance individually as well. The teamwork application approach is very effective in multiple tasks management and multiple projects. It runs a successful business smoothly.
For complete product details, features and packages please visit teamwork’s official website: Download Teamwork Now 

You can also read very useful articles for PMP Project Management Templates: Download Now <Best PMP Templates for Project Managers (PMBOK Standards)

3. Trello

Trello software is very efficient to keep you easy when you are working on another project on holidays or working from home. This approach keeps you and your team connected together. It gives a clear picture of ongoing progress. In the dashboard, you can easily monitor team performance individually and organize meetings, etc on a single platform with everyone.
For brief details and product information regarding usage and price packages please visit Trello’s official website: Download Trello Now

4. Basecamp

When it comes to putting the right things at the right place just hit Basecamp. This project management software is designed for remote working on a project, when things are in a mess and not well-organized e,g official documents emails, and staff collaboration data. Do not worry use basecamp.
Please visit the official website of Basecamp for further details: Download Basecamp Now

If you are interested in very powerful, tiny, and cheap templates for your Project Management Solution then please visit: Project Templates


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