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Are you in search of a helpful strategic time and cost-friendly tool? I introduce you to one of the most admired project management practices that achieve the goals. The tool we are going to discuss here is critical chain project management (CCPM). Download template in excel format.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a fresh project management technique including organising project actions. The method is derived from the Theory of Constraints. The use of Critical Chain Project Management Template Excel is a promising method and one of the extensive methods to analyse projects.

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Also, the Critical Chain Project Management tool mainly focuses on the management and planning of a project by concentrating on the reserves necessary for carrying out the project successfully.

This CCPM tool comes in very handy for managers when they have only limited resources for particular projects. Here in this article, I will talk about the technique and tasks used in this process

What is Critical Chain Project Management?

The Critical Chain Project Management is a plan programming method. The tool includes constraints in reserves and individual tasks allocation with the use of this technique, the project manager will have a complete focus on the assets in the critical chain.

Generally, spreadsheets of Critical Chain Project Management Template Excel are the tools used by the project managers for managing to schedule and monitoring complicated projects on a higher level. This is easy to use and very flexible to manage and schedule your daily activity through this sheet in excel.

Stages of CCPM

Critical Chain Project Management has three main stages:

1: Preparation. This is the most main and starting stage. Tit includes dates and backward research. Furthermore, it also discusses the amount of time required to accomplish these tasks. And at the end, it includes the number of assets needed to accomplish every task.

 2Implementation. Right after deciding and finalising the time needed to complete the project the next step is execution. This part allocates the reserves necessary to finalise each phase in the development. This will also help in ensuring all the tasks and processes are completed on time or maybe even faster than that.

3Supervising and Checking. This phase overview whether the time allocated for given tasks is sufficient or not. This basically monitors the work and time allocations. Consequently, it is essential to examine and monitor any barriers to task achievement.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether to go on with the allocated time and strategy or not. If the buffer in any of the stages is not big or of minute level the process can still go on. It will even complete on time.

Basic tasks of a critical chain project

The Critical chain project organization facilitates identifying both source and task needs. This also aids in completing the projects as effectively as possible.

To make a process work you need to ensure that these responsibilities are completed:

  1. A beginning meeting
  2. Write the new highlights
  3. Design and overview of the experience
  4. Review quality Assurance
  5. Release as a beta feature
  6. Make changes/upgrades based on the past feedback
  7.  enhance features to all products

Key features of Critical Chain Project Management Template Excel

This technique is basically introduced by a person named (Dr. Eliyahu M)

The chief feature of This Technique (CCPM) is planning your project without any delay in resources. Furthermore, this technique may also control or classify risk management. The research shows that method is better than the critical path method.

By using this tool, you can easily manage time. And helps in finding and resolving any buffers in the process. The desired goal is also accomplished by using this amazing technique. You can also read the related article, Agile Project Management.

Critical chain project management vs Critical Path (CCPM VS CP)

 So, there are 2 types of techniques one is Critical chain project management and another one is Critical Path.

First, we talk about the critical path method. This mainly focuses on the finding of the starring point of the project. And then the rest of the project is planned around it. The CP is pretty time-consuming and find any solution if needed. This will also help in excluding and eliminating specific buffers for the project.

 What are the Components of the Critical Path Template?

Critical Path Tracking TemplateFollowing is a sample Event Management CPT:

  1. First of all, there is a Header in this template where you can find the company and project details.
  2. After that Time & Date menu let you know the starting and end date of the project and the duration of the project as well.

Critical Path Tracking Template

3. Then there are columns which are giving you the freedom to check all the activities. There’re also columns of the duration of activities to see them optimistically and pessimistically. Project Processing columns allow you to check the possibilities and make predictions for duration either if you are going to start it early or late.

Critical Path Tracking Template

4. And finally you can do quick analysis of entire activity in graph.

Critical Path Tracking TemplateHow to Follow successful CCPM?

Here are some important tips to follow and use Consider these tips to critical chain project management process successfully:

1. Pinpoint the critical chain

First and foremost, point is to identify the critical chain. This will allow you to see which task is most important and which takes a long tie to complete. For this, it is recommended to break the work down into simple and smaller pieces.

To manage a successful CCPM process, you need to start with the most important task and go in descending order.

  1. Eradicate multitasking

When you push your workers to switch from one duty to another this will create chaos in the team. This will shift their focus and the efficiency will also be dropped. The moral will be dropped in doing the multitasking.

So, you need to eradicate the multi-purposing for a better plan and success of your project. You must need to keep your team focus on one thing at a time. This will increase the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of work as well.

  1. Establish 50/50-time assessments

For a successful CCPM, you need to cut the projected time required for projects in half.

By eliminating the time in half for your task, you basically create a sense of determination in your team. This will make them work harder and increase the efficiency of the project. It also will make them stay concentrated and wrap up their assignments on time.

4. Apply buffers for unexpected changes

Once you cut down the approximate time necessary by 50%, then the next 50% is then applied as a buffer. It works as a shock manager for the project if a task took more time than expected to complete.

Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffers

Why apply critical chain project management?

The CCPM allows you to make your project in a very smart way. By this, you can focus on time management as well as team progress at the same time. This process is handy easy to use. You do not need a specialized skill to apply this. This process is quite straightforward and user-friendly.

Critical Path AnalysisThis is one of the very popular processes amongst managers. Most crucially, it facilitates them to see how their attempts move the project further.

Frequently Asked Question Answers:

Q.1 Who can use Critical Chain Project Management Template Excel?
Ans. The key person who is actually maneuvering the project e.g., Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Event Organizers are using these most advanced techniques of CCPM for the successful completion of their project.

Q2. Which leading organizations are using CCPM techniques? Ans. Famous companies e.g., Lucent Technologies, Texas Instruments, and Mazda, etc. are using CCPM techniques for their projects.

Q3. Is there any renewal or expiry date of these templates, which I will buy?
Ans. You are supposed to pay only once for purchasing these templates, there aren’t any renewals or expiration.

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