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Are you struggling in managing more than one project at a time? You must give a go to multiple project tracking templates. They are easy to use and comes in different formats.

Managing a project is not a piece of cake, it requires skill, time, and hard work at the same time. And to manage more than one project is even more time consuming and required quite a lot of efforts.
You need to do your best to manage multiple projects at a time. Multiple projects tracking template makes your life easy as it helps in addressing different key performance indicators of different projects at the same point. There is a variety of different tracking templates available to do the job according to the need of your project.
All you need to do is do some digging and pick out the most suitable tool in accordance with the requirement of your issue.

  • Track Your Multiple Projects through this template
  • Enter your Plan in the datasheet and  here you go, all set to analysis of the projects
  • Use the Gantt Chart and get an overview of your project
  • This template is productive to measure your team’s performances in multiple projects

This article will help you understand what a multiple project tracking template excel is and how it is done. It also shed light on how it is helpful and what is the significance of it. You can also read the related article: Employee KPI Template

 How can it be possible to Manage Multiple Projects in Excel templates?

Multiple Projects in Excel Template

Tracking and managing multiple projects is a time consuming and tiring job. It is essential to track down all aspects of every project individually. There is no room for error in this regard.
So, there is proper attention, full dedication, and helpful tools needed to manage multiple projects. As there could be many projects working under one management.
Multiple projects tracking template excel format provides you a helping hand to keep your projects going smoothly.

For instance, a project manager is handling several projects and there are some errors in one or more projects. In this case no matter how experienced and competent the manager is he needs a helping hand to solve the issues. Therefore, the best-case scenario in this regard is getting help from multiple project management tools.

Following is just a sample of the Project Plan Dashboard for Tracking & Monitoring:

Project Plan Dashboard Tracking Template

In above-given image represent that you can get an overview of your existing projects. There is a list of information of stakeholders with all plans, methods of communications through communication management plan template excel, task data, timelines, and expected cost, etc. Thus, it’s a useful tool to track and monitor overall project performance on the same platform.

Significance of Multiple Project Tracking

The Multiple Project Tracking template excel is a set of tools to monitor and organize different project tasks in a business setup. This is not only a dashboard it also is a key to the success of your projects. It allows you to pinpoint the progress errors or any issues regarding your project’s development.

Furthermore, it makes sure that your project is working steadily and reach the endpoint on time without any problem along the way. You can use these templates in ways, either you can monitor the project one by one or collective monitoring can also be done. The main reason for using tracking spreadsheets is to track the progress and issues in real-time.

Project Task Management Template

Moreover, it is also a helpful option for tracking and organizing the schedule of your projects. The multiple tracking templates are also the best option to track, monitor, plan, and analyze the expense and budgets of your project. In simple words in help the project management team to go up and beyond in managing different aspects of your projects.

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Types of Multiple Project tracking template excel

The project tracking process is necessary to ensure the best performance and timely completion of your success. There are many different categories of tracking templates available. Some of them are as follows:

Project portfolio tracker

Project portfolio management is also a very important component of project progress tracking. The main reason for using this tool is to manage and plan and analyze the methods and processes of the project. The project portfolio is balancing out different project progress throughout the project cycle. Risk management is also a very important part of this process.

Project Portfolio TemplateTherefore, this is the best option for tracking, analyzing, scheduling, and monitoring different tasks of the project at different stages. It is suggested to use the project portfolio tracker in managing multiple projects, as it works more efficiently this way. Moreover, according to PMI, the project portfolio is the executive strategy to meet up the goals of the project or projects. It also enables you to do better and fruitful decisions because it has the feature of helping in the decision-making process as well.

Task tracker template

Just like another track, it is also very important to track your tasks regarding your project. This allows you to review the progress and examine the performance of your project team members. You can easily escalate and resolve your progress and performance-related issues by using a task tracker tool. Related Article: Action Tracker Template Excel. So, it is a dare need of using a well-maintained and decent task tracker template to handle and manage your tasks. You can do this on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis, it all depends on you and your project requirement.

Project expenses tracker

Expenses and budgeting are something we cannot ignore or overlook when it comes to managing a project or many different projects at a time. Your money and expenses are at stake when you do not give importance to expense management. It is highly recommended by professionals that you must have a proper system in place for your project expense tracking.

As in a project, lots of money and resource are involved, and it needs a proper managing process to make sure that they are going to waste. The project expense tracker allows you to pick up the best options to use your money in the right place at the right time. It also refrains you from going over budget by making sure you are spending your money smartly on your project. Helpful Article: Cost Management Plan Template Excel

Project Gantt Chart Tracking

Project Gantt Chart Tracking

Gantt Chart template provides you the visual information of the overall project performance. Typically this tool is used to get instant information, this template of excel is also very useful for reporting. You can also read related article: Gantt Chart with Milestone Template Excel

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q. 1. How do I create a custom multiple projects tracking template?

Ans. You can simply add values in the datasheet and it will appear in multiple project dashboards according to your milestone.

Q. 2. Is this template useful for construction, I.T, and manufacturing business?

Ans. Yes, definitely it is a very productive tool.

Q.3. Can I create a project timeline through this Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel?

Ans. Yes, You can create.

Q.4. Is the Gantt chart template included in this package?

Ans. Yes, Gantt Chart is included in this bundle and you can easily create through your milestone.

Q.5. Can I manage risk & issues through this multiple project tracker?

Ans. Yes, you can manage very easily. This template is user-friendly.


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