Project Management Life Cycle Templates

In this article, we guide you regarding the project life-cycle template in excel and word for project planning. Before starting any new projects (IT+ Construction) you need these PMP templates for project management.

Project management is a rather tricky and tough job to do. The project managers need to take care of the project at many stages which need to be handled properly. By dividing the project into different levels also helps in batter management of the whole process.

  1. From Initiation to Project Closure
  2. PMP Template to PMI Template and PMO Also
  3. Start Project Plan From scratch

This article will walk you through the different stages of the project lifecycle. We will also discuss them in detail and the templates we could use at each stage.

An overview of Project Management Lifecycle

 A project management lifecycle is a roadmap that you pass through from the starting of the project until the endpoint.

Generally, the project lifecycle has three phases initiation, planning, execution, and finally closure. The division of project in Project Management Life Cycle Templates Excel is especially helpful in managing bigger businesses.

Project Management Life Cycle Template


The project lifecycle explains when the project is started and by who and what stages are there. An unplanned and unorganized lifecycle has a dreadful effect on your project progress. Related Article: Agile Project Management Template Excel.

The mismanagement will lead to loss of control on your project and ultimately the whole system collapse. So, to avoid this it is of great importance that a proper project management plan should be in place.

Project management life cycle Phases for Project Planning

 Project management can be tricky as in a project lifecycle different tasks are going on at different stages. Here we need to understand two phenomena one is the delivery process, and the other is the project management process.

Therefore, the delivery process in Project Management Life Cycle Templates Excel is basically the tasks and processes going on in the project done by the different project team members. On the other hand, the project management process is running and managing the different processes of the project from start till the end by the project manager.

Following are the four different stages of the project management life cycle:

  1. Project Initiation Stage

 As the name suggests it is the most initial stage of the project. The project charter is made and finalized at this point. The project managers decide whether the project is work starting and executing or not. The feasibility of the project is checked.

Project Initiation Template

At the initiation stage, the goals and objectives of the projects are discussed and finalizes with stakeholders. Thus, this phase needs quite a lot of research, planning, and discussion. You must also have to identify project associated risks and establish project scope. At this phase, the project proposal is made, checked, and approved by higher authorities and shareholders of the project.

Next, there are some templates with Project Management Life Cycle Templates Excel which could be of great help at this point of the project management cycle:

  1. Feasibility template (Related Article: Feasibility Study Template Excel)
  2. Business case template
  3. Precedence Diagramming Method
  4. Project Interfaces Worksheet
  5. Project charter template PMI
  6. Product Launch Checklist
  7. Stakeholder management template
  8. The project statement of work template
  9. Project Portfolio Management
  10. Work Order Request Form
  11. Statement of Work Form
  12. Program Mandate Template
  13. Feasibility Report
  14. WBS Template
  15. Project Planning Stage

 Right after the approval of the project proposal and project charter next comes the planning stage. At this stage, the project road map is set and find out the needs and requirements of the project. The development of resources, costs, budgets, and finances is also designed and established at this level in project managing and planning. to keep your team on track the project managers establish a project roadmap at this point.


Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel

Following is some templates that are useful in this planning stage of the project management cycle:

  1. Project management checklists
  2. Project status report templates
  3. Resource planning
  4. Fanatical planning
  5. Project action plan (Relate Article: Action Tracker Template Excel)
  6. Project Execution Stage

This is the action stage of the project and known as the kick start phase of the project. At this, we need to keep a close eye on the budget and resources of the project. This is the time to follow the roadmap which has been made in the initial two stages of project management planning. (Relate Article: Project Execution Template Excel)


Project Execution Template


Following are some templates that are helpful in the execution phase of the project:

  1. Gantt chart template (Related Article: Gantt Chart with Milestones Template Excel)
  2. Project roadmap template
  3. Work breakdown structure template
  4. PERT chart template
  5. Cost performance index template (Related Article: Cost Management Plan Template Excel)


  1. Project Tracking & Monitoring Stage

The Project tracking and Monitoring stage is very important. This stage makes sure that the project is on the right track without any problem in the way. Tasks and employee progress are tracked and monitored closely at this point to ensure the smooth running of the project process.

Project Monitoring Template

 Following are a few examples of Project Management Life Cycle Templates Excel, which are valuable and beneficial in tracking and closure stage of the project management cycle:

 Employee productivity tracker template (Related Article: Employee Productivity Tracker Excel)

  1. Project quality management template
  2. Earned value management template
  3. Customer Acceptance Form
  4. Follow on Action Recommendation
  5. Variance Analysis Worksheet
  6. Project Review by Consultant
  7. Exception Report Template
  8. Action tracker template
  9. Project closure Stage

This is the last stage of the Project. In this final stage, all instructions get delivered in the documented formal way after the approvals of all concerned authorities and their signs, etc. In this stage, all tasks have been done in a proper official way.

Project Closure Template

Following are the few Project Closure’s templates, which are very useful to work on the final phase of the Project Management Life Cycle:

  1. Project Authorization
  2. End-Stage Project Report
  3. End Project Report
  4. Post Implementation Report
  5. Post Implementation Review
  6. Project Closure Report

For more detail about Project life-cycle templates excel you can contact the ProjecTemplate.Net team.

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