Project Managers always try new techniques and bring innovations in their working procedures to manage and monitor their projects to get maximum productive output by using fewer efforts and time. Nowadays there are several tools/ templates and software available in the I.T market for project management. Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is helpful to:

  1. Manage Multiple Projects
  2. Creating Milestones
  3. To-do List
  4. Assigning Tasks
  5. Managing Timelines
  6. Risk Assessment
  7. Overall Monitoring
  8. Gantt Charts
  9. Project Communication
  10. Reports Generation

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Today I am going to describe a very famous and effective project management software (Project Portfolio Dashboard) which has been proven itself very productive among project managers worldwide.
This Portfolio Dashboard is giving a wide range of Project Management tools to the managers and concerned officials to control the projects their monitoring, assessment, risk management, milestones, graphical representation of the project progress, task management, timeline management, cost estimation, and control, and many more.

Thus, this dashboard is used to work smart by simply entering the data and values in preset templates and you can get the immediate layout in a professional way.
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What are the Components of the Portfolio Dashboard?

Following are the components of Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel with software screenshot:


In this menu, you can have the overall details of your multiple projects. The total number of Projects/ Projects in Progress, there is detailed weekly information of the project and their tasks e.g, task due, task completed, and tasks in progress.

Milestones, Tasks, Hours, Risk & Graphical representation of Project in Charts.


This menu is designed to view the overall project’s progress individually on the same page and the Project KPIs.

  1. First of all, you have the option to define a problem
  2. Produce the plan
  3. Project development
  4. Testing phase and sending to live
  5. Projects (in the first sub-menu of projects there is information available of all projects with KPIs, start date, and the end date.
  6. Progress represents the Total number of Projects/ Projects in Progress
  7. Planned vs Actual Hours
  8. Risk & Issues, information available with the priority (Low, Medium, High & Extreme)
  9. Charts, Graphical representation of overall details
  10. ReportsYou can also read a related article: Employee KPI Template


Milestone menu allows you to select the required project first and then you can view the sub details of milestones start date and end date with total defined hours and actually utilized hours.
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This menu shows the complete information of the tasks within divided categories:

  1. All Tasks/ Tasks Overdue
  2. Priority, this menu segregates the tasks according to its Priority e.g., Low, Medium, and High
  3. Tasks Complexity, Level1, Level2 & Level3
  4. Total Count data of tasks e.g., New tasks (yet to start), completed tasks, in progress, on-hold, canceled tasks & un-planned tasks.

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In Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel Gantt Chart shows the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly data. You can easily understand this methodology in the following diagram:

Gantt charts with milestones are very efficient to trace and monitor the progress of all stakeholders individually. You can easily set the expected goals of your projects in timelines.
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Similarly, this menu also represents the total available resources and task information. This menu shows the individual stakeholder’s data with the total assigned tasks/ tasks completed.
It also shows the due tasks on a weekly, monthly & yearly basis.



Heatmap allows project managers to manage their time efficiently. You can choose staff to assign tasks according to time slots



By using a monthly calendar you can manage your task more effectively. The calendar can also be populated by the Resource menu. Project portfolio dashboard calendars are very efficient in time management and display the tasks and stakeholder’s days and hours briefly. Usually, it represents the official working hour.



The project timeline shows the tasks and all activities progress in chronological order. Data is shown in a horizontal line (bar chart) which displays the start date and the end date of all tasks.
Thus, you can easily have a glance at the detailed progress of all ongoing tasks, data points on charts, starting date, tasks due on, tasks status, %progress, and the personnel responsible for all output.
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To-do list

In Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel the To-do list shows the project activities.
It is divided into two further categories. First Activities by Status and Activities by Priority. Activities by Status shows the total activities including new activity, In progress activity, and a number of closed activities.

Secondly, Activities by Priority shows the information of the overdue activities with low, medium, and high priority. After that, there is a bar chart that displays the % progress of Activities by the person. At last, you will get the monthly activities to progress due by the month. In this menu, you can select the year.

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Risk & Issues

The risk log dashboard represents the brief information of all risks and impacts like requested, approved, in planning, in progress, completed, and on hold.

First of all, it shows the Total number of outstanding risks/ issues, and down below you can see the details of actual total risks by status.
Similarly, on the right side, there is a table that shows detailed information on the Risk Matrix and Likelihood.
Impact columns show the level of risk like either it is insignificant, minor, moderate, major, or severe nature and moreover Likelihood rows tell the chances of impact in percentage like almost certain, likely, possible, rare, unlikely, and very unlikely.


In this menu, you can easily record the necessary notes according to your project requirements. There is an on-page space available to write your important things.


Simply, by using the space of contacts menu you can manage all your contacts officially.


The reports menu is designed in modern format, you can select the specific view according to your needs and can easily share the report with others. You have also the freedom of sending a selected necessary portion of the report. Simply, select the report and export it into ms excel format or PowerPoint slides and share it with your colleagues or clients in just one click.



Firstly it comes to view in the Report window where are all options available e,g, dashboard, milestones, timeline, and to-do list, etc. after that there is included/ exclude information. You can include or exclude the desired categories to generate a report.

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Then you can enter a customer title and select the range for reporting.
In the last step, there are options of exporting either in excel or ppt. Your report is ready.


The Order of the Items is Project -> Milestone-> Tasks (Each Project Can have Multiple Milestones, Each Milestone can have the Multiple Tasks).


Projects & Milestones: Start Date, Days Required, End date, %Progress, Planned and Actual Hours Fields will be calculated automatically for Projects and Milestones based on the data entered for related tasks.  You can change this from the Settings in the ‘Advanced Options’ Section


This option allows you to customize your settings according to your needs. First of all, you have a general option where you can edit required project information and details, Similarly, you have enough control to change navigations, styling, fonts, color, and schedules according to your project requirements.



By implementing Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel in your organization you can make the execution of your project smarter and more efficient. You can monitor the complete progress of your single & multiple projects on the same page. Moreover, you can easily do a risk assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q.1. What is Project Project Portfolio Dashboard Template?

Ans. A project portfolio dashboard displays the overall performance of a single project or multiple projects on the same platform.

Q.2. Is there any annual renewal fee after the purchase of the Project Portfolio?

Ans. No, You need to pay only once.

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