When it comes to the management of a project. The project managers always try to find out different ways and logical techniques to monitor, manage and execute their projects smoothly and get the best output from their employees. Well, the pmbok 7 is a documented approach, which is used for project monitoring and execution.

The PMBOK 7 Templates are mostly available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft excel office format. These templates almost cover all aspects of project management from project initiation to project closure with the complete project life cycle. Similarly, these templates are available for cost management and risk management.

Key features PMBOK 7 Template?

PMBOK 7 is announced by PMI (Project Management Institute), an organization that supervises the project management body of knowledge (pmbok) guide. The pmbok 7 edition was published in 2020.

These templates cover the business aspects in project management i.e.:

  1. Project Management
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Human Resource
  4. Worksheets
  5. Spreadsheets
  6. Project Life Cycle
  7. Project Management Tools
  8. Stakeholder Templates
  9. Project Tracking
  10. PMI Templates

The pmbok 7 templates are used for execution, monitoring, and supervision of the general project management-related tasks and multiple project execution.

What are the famous types of pmbok7 template?

Following are the famous types of pmbok 7 templates:

pmbok 7 template

1. HR Templates

These templates are used in almost all overall human resource management-related operations in project management. Following are the useful HR Templates of pmbok7:

a. Staffing Management Plan Templates

These documents (templates) are used for staff management. In short, you can say these templates are helpful to put the right person at the right place during a project execution e.g., you can analyze the employee having a specific set of skills and work knowledge with relevant experience. You can read a related article: Staffing Management Plan Template.

 b.  Team Resource Planning Template

 This template is useful to fulfill the requirement of team resource maintenance. This template is found very smart to plan and manage the project efficiently. To read the detailed information please view this article: Team Resource Planning Template Excel.

 c. Daily Employee Expense Report Template

 Employee expense management is a very important part of project management because these are related to the revenue and budget of the project.
You can read a detailed related article: Daily Employee Expense Report Template.

 d. Employee KPIs Template

 Employee key performance indicators show a clear picture of employee performance and the project progress.

You can read a related article:  Employee KPI Template Excel

 e. Employee Productivity Tracker Template

It is very necessary to track employee’s performance in a project either, they are choosing the right path and heading towards the right direction to achieve their given goals. Thus, this template of pmbok 7 is proved itself very productive worldwide.
To read the complete details please read the related article: Employee Productivity Tracker Excel

 2. Top PMI Templates



These templates/tools are used for project management controlling, these are smart handy software that is specially designed to achieve desired project goals to increase smart productivity. Following are the common types of PMI Templates:

a. Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

 This pmbok 7 template is designed to manage multiple projects, create milestones, manage timelines, Gantt charts, project communication management, and many more.

To read the detailed information please read the related article: Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

b. PMP Application Template

 This template is used to manage projects and organize them in a properly documented form. This is good enough for a project productive process, it is very useful from project initiation to project closure. Thus, this is the best tool to organize the whole project.

Please read the related detailed article: PMP Application Template

c. Multiple Project Tracking Template

 This template of pmbok 7 is specially designed for tracking, monitoring, and managing multiple projects. The project managers or the concerned authorities can get an overview of projects and employee’s tasks in one place by using the Gantt chart templates.

You can read the detailed related article: Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

d. Best PMP Templates for Project Managers (PMBOK Standards)

 Please read the related article: Best PMP Templates for Project Managers

(PMBOK Standards)

3. Project Execution

Following are the most commonly used types of project execution templates:

a. Critical Chain Project Management Template

 This tool is very handy for Managers and is used for the scheduling and monitoring of the projects to check out the project glitches and complications.

You can read a related article in detail: Critical Chain Project Management Template

b.  Project Management Transition Plan Template

This tool is used to analyze the project objectives and the overall requirements, the main purpose of using this template is to create a project roadmap for the transitioning from one stakeholder to another and clients, etc.

You can read a related article: Project Management Transition Plan Template

 c. Project Execution Template Excel

 When project managers or relevant authorities start a project execution, they prepare an execution strategy according to the requirements of projects and stakeholder’s abilities. Project Managers also use this template/ tool to monitor multiple project performance on the same platform.

Here is a related article regarding: Project Execution Template Excel

4. Project Planning

Following are the useful and most used templates of pmbok 7 project planning:



a. Agile Methodology Software

Agile Methodology Software in project plan template is very productive in small level business projects. This template is used to enhance productivity, strong sensible leadership, self-assessment, etc.

The detailed information is available in the related article: Agile Methodology Software in Project Planning

b. Communication Management Plan

 A communication management plan template is used to design and implement a strong communication layout within a project team stakeholders, clients, contractors, and other persons attached with a project. The main purpose of this template is to set a communication plan to reduce the discrepancies and glitches and settle down a strong communication relation with every stakeholder for successful project execution.

You can read a related informative article and get the template: Communication Management Plan Template

 c. Cost Management Plan Template

 Cost Management Plan template is very efficient for cost planning and management in project execution. As we know costing is a very important factor in a project as it is directly related to cash revenue and budget.  This template gives you opportunities to plan and manage your cost smartly.

For complete information and template please read this related article: Cost Management Plan Template Excel

 Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q.1. Why we use pmbok 7 templates?

 Ans. PMBOK 7 is based on PMI (Project Management Institute) standards. Which is the official authority of project management-related affairs.

Q.2. How can I get pmbok 7 standards templates?

 Ans. You can get these templates with a just simple click on download or get access.

Q.3. Is there any annual subscription fee for these templates?

 Ans. No, there is only a one-time lifetime subscription.


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