Project Acceptance Criteria

What are Acceptance criteria in project management?

A project acceptance criteria is also called product acceptance criteria which includes the deliverables or particular conditions that are made compulsory for the fulfillment of a project. It is a document that has essential requirements of a project keeping in mind the scope of the project. Acceptance criteria are further split into the following two characteristics:

  1. Project Success Criteria:

Taking things further as the pre-decided specifications in reference to the project’s scope, timeline, and budget.

  1. Project Success Factor:

Acceptance of the deliverables of the project.

Acceptance criteria in project management

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It basically sets the standard for a project and below that project, completion can’t be recorded. When all the formalities of a project are met then it is considered the acceptance criterion is fulfilled. Different projects or organizations require different sets of rules for setting their project acceptance criteria template. It is somehow dependent on the nature of the project or the product on which you are working.

There are certain sets of rules that you need to follow for setting up acceptance criteria efficiently.

It is important to know the client’s expectation level. The success of the project is defined by the level of acceptance by the client. So, the expectations are discussed and the settled acceptance level is added to the acceptance criteria.

It becomes a little complex when you are dealing with a project in which the end product is not a material thing. An acceptance criterion is settled upon different conditions for such projects. And intangible deliverables are decided and both the sponsor and client formally agree upon those parameters for the project’s acceptance criteria.

Not to get into the politics of the project, and avoid miscommunication in the internal project. Only take responsibility for your activity. Take an active part in the acceptance criteria setting. Different sponsors, stakeholders, or team members will have different perceptions of the acceptance criteria.

 Project acceptance criteria template checklist:

  • First of all, you need to have an updated document of the project’s acceptance criteria.
  • You need to clearly define the details of your deliverables; the project manager can develop these details after hearing the customer’s requirements. It is good to have a picture of the expected product from the client; the qualities for the approval are set. Audits or tests of different methods are conducted to check if the criterion is met or not.
  • Perform a technical audit for the quality check of the deliverable or the product. For some projects, even technical documentation is required, like manuals or handbooks to elaborate the method to use.
  • Run an on-site configuration test to check the workability of the final product. Carefully look for the essential quality standards which were set in the acceptance criteria.
  • To check the usability, perform a functional It will give you an insight if the installation process is just alright or not.
  • After going through all the quality check procedures, call a meeting for the acceptance review. Discuss the results of technical and functional tests Sign the documents for each criterion. To close the deal, attach a copy of all quality check certificates and present it to the customer along with the final product.

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Project Acceptance Criteria According to PMP

The project manager along with the supervisors, and team leads collectively develop a project acceptance criteria template as per the demands of the client. The success of the project is measured by the acceptability of the client.
Based on the acceptance criteria standards requirements or deliverables are monitored. Even performance-based criteria are set to maintain the standard of the project. The criterion is defined with the help of the project scope. And if the client is satisfied with deliverables, then it means acceptance criteria are met.

Criteria to be met for the customer to agree that the project has been successfully completed

Each project requires different quality standards as per the final outcome of the project. The demand from the client is made up into a checklist and the team works on the points mentioned in the checklist. It is important to fulfill the listed requirement before presenting the final product.

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Acceptance Criteria Example

Acceptance Criteria Example


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Frequently Asked Questions Answers

Q.1. What is acceptance criteria actually?

Ans. It is a user story, which allows the customer to know what is possible acceptance rate and output and not acceptable part as well. Thus the acceptance criteria is a predefined set of possible expected needs.

Q.2. Name a few types of acceptance criteria?

Ans. 1. Functional Criteria 2. Non-Functional Criteria 3. Performance Criteria

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