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A Project Action Plan just as the name demonstrates, is the plan of action, the plan or strategy to carry out the tasks to complete the project successfully. A project action plan is made up of the project goals and the necessary action steps that need to be completed to achieve those goals. The tasks in each action step are called action items.

Project Action Plan Template:

The project action plan template is a very important tool to plan everything. It has information about the team, time, and resources that we have for the project. It also includes a timeline that organizes the tasks, the time required for their completion, their priority, and the team members responsible for those tasks. Example:

Project Action Plan Template excel

Tools for creating an Action Plan:

Timelines, Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, etc. are useful tools for creating an action plan because they help demonstrate a complex and scattered set of data into a more comprehensive and easy visual representation of the action plan.

You can follow the following steps to make an efficient action plan:

  • Setting a timeframe for the beginning and end of the project
  • Break down the schedule into doable tasks and assign them a duration
  • Group similar tasks together into swim lanes
  • Use milestones to mark critical deadlines
  • Evaluate the progress against estimated timeframes
  • Present the action plan to stakeholders and executives clearly and comprehensively

Examples of Project Action Plan Templates:

There are many templates that work together for the whole action plan to work accurately. All templates cover certain parts of the action plan and together they help manage the complete plan. Some of those templates are:


We will discuss each template in detail:

Action Plan Timeline Template:

Action Plan timeline covers the scheduling of different tasks in a project.

It includes:

  • List of all the main activities
  • Sequence, duration, and scheduling of each activity
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities to the team members for different activities
  • Important deadlines or milestones of the project

Project Action Plan Template represent a timeline or a Gantt chart can easily demonstrate all these components. We can do various customizations like color coding, grouping similar activities into swim lanes, etc. The critical points that are necessary to reach our milestones. Following is the example of a timeline template:


You can read full article and also get template access: Project Management Timeline Template Excel

Work Plan Template:

A work plan template breaks down bigger goals into smaller, more easily achievable goals. The timeline template deals with tasks, and the work plan template deals with goals. The goals are prioritized, sequenced, and scheduled the same way.

It is efficient for big projects to have big teams. This template covers the goals and also who is responsible to achieve them and when. This keeps the whole team on one page as the templates keep updating as more information is added. Hence it is spread team-wide. The template looks somewhat like this:

work-plan-template excel

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Work Breakdown Structure Template:

Work breakdown structure is a deliverable-based template. It breaks down the tasks that are needed to produce a deliverable into smaller ones. It quickly decomposes the scope of the project. It involves available resources and costs.

It creates a schedule of tasks in phases and also manages each phase. The main elements of a work breakdown structure template are:

  • Hierarchy
  • 100% rule
  • Mutually exclusive elements
  • Outcome-oriented

Here is a complete article for you with template download access: Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel 

Project Portfolio dashboard template:

This template works wonders in project management. It specifically helps you to evaluate the project details and leads you towards better decisions.

As a result, improved performances are observed. Project Portfolio dashboard can efficiently deal with more than one project at a time. It greatly helps in risk management keeping the objectives under consideration.

This risk assessment and evaluation of the project makes it favorable for the project managers to keep up with the progress of the project. It is also a great tool for scheduling activities of the project.

Overall it keeps the things aligned and gives a visual or graphical representation that is easier to comprehend. There are a variety of templates available in the project portfolio like budget tracking, status report, timeline, and few others. An image of the project portfolio dashboard is attached below.

Project Portfolio dashboard template excel

Get Portfolio Dashboard

Document Tracker Template:

There are varieties of projects that require management. Be it a construction project or a research project both need some kind of documentation. And to keep up with the progress of this documentation you can use the document tracker template.

It keeps the records of all the business documents. The document tracker creates a good impact on the project by organizing details in a template.

Some common details that are part of the document tracker are; the title of the project, name of the owner, description of the project, requested by, data required, assigned to, location details, and the status of the project.

You can read articles regarding Project Tracking and also get access to Template: Project Tracking

Employee Performance Improvement Plan Template Excel

Employee Performance Plan specifically helps you to categorize your team according to their strength and instead of putting company matters at risk and challenging their effectiveness, meaningful work plans are developed which overall improves the efficiency of project outcomes.

Employee performance plan template has plenty of templates but it is called a formal document that gives an insight into the performance of employees with relatable goals as per the roles assigned to them. It helps the team to stay focused and motivated.

This motivation encourages them to do better. The Project Manager keeps an eye on the long- and short-term project goals in case goals aren’t met then further changes in the action plan are required.”

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Employee KPI Template Excel

Employee Productivity Tracker Excel

Action Plan Gantt chart Template

“A Gantt chart template excel with Milestone is very helpful and efficient in this regard. You can easily trace stakeholder’s performance within given deadlines.

A Milestone basically is associated with the Gantt charts to provide a detailed overview of the project. For a high-level illustration and explanation Milestone must be associated with the Gantt. Milestones also ensure better communication between the team and higher authorities of the project.

  1. Manage Gantt Chart (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  2. Custom Software is available at user request
  3. XLS-Based Template (Version 2010+)
  4. Project Management Timeline Template Excel
  5. Workload Management Template Excel
  6. interactive Gantt chart excel
  7. Gantt charts for Multiple Projects
  8. Project Milestone Template Excel”

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Google-Sheets Action Plan Template

Google Sheets Project Management Templates, which requires extensive planning for management and strong command over the project. All departments of a company are assigned tasks as per their specifications.

The whole team is involved in the progress of the project. To lessen some burden and save time, there are templates available in Google sheets that can easily design your project framework, deal swiftly with the budget, manage work breakdown, and also keep a check on progress with the help of tracking templates.

Some noticeable benefits of using Google sheet templates are;

  • Smart Designs
  • Accessible
  • Better to connect with the team as it is constantly updated through the Google drive
  • Easy to use
  • Templates are already available”

Construction Action Plan Template

“Construction projects require a lot of hard work and continuous attention. There are multiple things going together in a construction plan and managing them all together is a tough task.

For the management of such projects, the company hires a project manager. For ease, some software has a special template of the Construction Project Timeline Template Excel which can greatly reduce the burden on the team.

By using these templates, you can align your tasks without clashes. These available templates save time and energy. Each company has its own preferences so these templates can be altered according to the need.

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