Are you looking for a way to start and monitor your project effectively? The project initiation document template can be a great help in this regard.

the project initiation document includes the explanation of project progression criteria and scope. This is the most vital document of any project. It ensures the timely start and successful finishing of the project. Different type of templates is used in Project Initiation Document:

  1. Project Initiation Template PMBOK
  2. Agile Project Initiation Document PMBOK
  3. Construction Project Initiation Document
  4. PRINCE2

The project manager’s duty is not only to monitor and keep check on the overall project. He’s also responsible for aligning the right person at the right place and time. Project Managers have different team members from different domains. Everyone is an expert in a specific area. Thus, the project manager’s role is to initiate, monitor the overall project, and find out the unique qualities of stakeholders to assign them tasks according to their eligibilities and expertise at the right time to get the best efficient output. Project Initiation Document Template excel helps in this regard which is being implemented by the PMP (project management professionals) around the globe.

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This article will allow you to see what the project initiation document is why is important?

It will also help you understand the difference between the project initiation documents and the project charter.

What is Project Initiation Document?

Project Initiation Document Template (PID) is used to define the backstory and purpose of the commencement of a project and after the concerned person takes decisions like when to start the project and how will it execute, timelines are set, and starting and ending dates as well. The relevant Project Managers also estimate all expenses which are going to be spent on the project like that an effective project costing can be set for the production project.
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In a project you must not jump to the last steps, a systematic approach is needed for the project to go smoothly towards successful completion. In most cases, the failure is due to the detracting and mismanagement of all the important steps in the project process.

The project initiation document mainly pinpoints the scope, objective and the main course of action of the project So, all the steps should be strictly followed. We must start with initiation, execution, monitoring, and finally completion. These steps should be given priority if you don’t want to have any unwanted issues regarding your project.

Agile Project Initiation Document

When we work on Project Initiation Document then we also talk about PRINCE2 Project Management but we should not forget to use PIDs in Agile Methodology.
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The initiation is among the five basic main steps highlighted by the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) from the Project Management. The agile methods are an important part of the project initiation step. The agile project initiation involves the brief knowledge and plan of the project. It also covers the blueprint of the project. The initial needs and the initial structure are also a part of the project initiation documents.
The agile project initiation document aids in better communication and promotes collaboration among all the team members of the project. This is a very simple, variable, and easy to adjust method for managing your project. Therefore, the agile method is one of the best and imperative methods when initiating a project.
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Project Initiation Document VS Project Charter

The Project initiation document template and project charter both are very important and initial documents for project managing. The project charter is more general and contains fewer details. But on the other hand, the project initiation documents are a more detailed kind of project documentation. So, if you have a bigger project with more resources you must consider going for the project initiation documents.

Project Charter Template
The project charter is less detailed and requires less information to add to it. However, the initiation document covers deliverables, resources, processes, and many other project-related things. Both are very important and are beneficial in their own different way. So, in the case of a complex and detailed project, the best option is project initiation documents, or you can pick any one of them according to your project requirement.

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Construction Project Initiation Document Template

Like any other project, construction projects also require proper planning and management. Every year lots of money and resources go to waste due to bad planning and mismanagement. Proper management and planning especially the initiation step is very important in construction projects.

ConstructioProject Initiation Template

The initiation documentation is the best possible way to make sure that the project is complete on time. As the construction project accompanies quite a lot of money, the proper management, and timely proper initiations are necessary for the project to finish successfully.

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PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) Methodology

PRINCE2 methodology was established in 1975 and was used by United Kingdom Govt. for its I.T (Information Technology) Projects. The PRINCE2 was finally established in the year 1996 and after this methodology became very famous among Project Managers. and grew as a public domain. Thus, The PRINCE2 methodology is used to define the main reasons behind the project commencement. This methodology let the concerned person know the following:

  • Purpose of Project
  • Starting Time Decision
  • Execution timeline
  • Deadlines for completion of major tasks
  • Project Costing

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q.1. What is the purpose of the project initiation document (PID)?

Ans. The project initiation document template is used to gather the project-related information to plan the domains for getting the successful output.

Q.2.What are the steps in project initiation?

Ans. There are 06 steps to be followed in project initiation:

1. Preparation of the business case,
2. Creation of feasibility study 
3. Project Charter
4. Creating a stakeholder register after identifying  the team (stakeholders)
5. Assembling the team
6. Final Review

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