PMBOK 6th Edition PDF

Project management is always practiced in all types of projects formally or informally. However, in the 20th century, project management has emerged as a proper formal field. Now, there are hundreds of project management institutes and professionals across the globe.

So, a project management institute organizes an exam to issue a degree in project management. Many professionals attempt to clear this examination to get the rank of professional project manager. So, the PMI guidebook for the project management exam is very helpful. It’s commonly known as PMBOK 6th Edition PDF. While PMBOK is an acronym of “Project Management Body of Knowledge”.

PMBOK works as a framework to manage any type of project. It includes the practical experience of many project management professionals. Also, it includes innovative practices to effectively plan projects.

PMBOK 6th Edition PDF

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What is PMBOK 6th Edition PDF?

The PMI firstly offered a degree in the Project management profession at end of the 20th century. The exam for this certification is usually prepared using PMBOK. Luckily, there are editions of PMBOK to date. However, PMBOK 6th edition pdf is the most famous one.

The project management guide books have a proper classification for an effective understanding of the process. The hierarchy of PMBOK Guide all editions include process groups, Knowledge areas, processes, and ITTOs.

Every new edition is being published after 4-5 years of the previous edition starting from the publication of the first edition in 1996. Almost all PMBOK editions have 5 process groups.
However, there are 9 knowledge areas in the first four editions and 10 in the 5th and 6th. Further, there are no ITTOs in the first two editions. While ITTOs classification is a part of PMBOK since its 3rd edition.

Finally, the project management guidebook 6th edition is the most comprehensive edition for young project managers to learn annotative project management practices. It has 978 pages, 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas, and 49 processes. And 300 ITTOs.

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What is the Significance of PMBOK for Project Managers?

All the major projects look forward to hiring PMP professionals. So, PMBOK is a type of Guide to comply with the standard of PMP examination. It includes practical experience of project gurus. Thus, it’s the wish of every project owner to hire a PMP-certified project team. PMP professionals have a different and most impressive approach to dealing with project challenges. So, hiring PMP professionals is the first step toward the success of a project.

The significance of the project management guidebook is summarized in the following points:

  • The PMBOK allows project managers to follow standardized practices in all project knowledge areas.
  • As it contains experience and framework of many mega-projects, so project team may choose the best suiting practice for another project.
  • The project planning and risk analysis processes are the most vulnerable areas of project management. So, the project team may choose the best suiting approaches from PMBOK to ensure the success of their project.

PMBOK 6 Templates

Finally, it guides project management professionals in five major process groups of a project: initiating, planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling, and closing


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