A project needs proper planning and managing to complete it without any difficulty. The project managers spend a lot of time and energy on planning and managing a project and its different components.

Here is when the project management timeline template excels come into the picture as it is a collective type of document which covers the whole project along with the task associated with it. Using a project management timeline template saves you and your team a considerable amount of time and helps in saving your energy as well.

This article will help you understand:
What is the project management timeline?
Why is it important in managing a project?
We will also have a look at some of its examples to understand its importance in the field of project management.

How to create a Project Timeline Template in Excel?

The project timeline basically is the inside comprehensive storyline of the project. As it allows the manager to see the insight matter of the project. This allows the managers to help understand the project progress, needs, and requirements. Moreover, by using all this information project professionals can run the project smoothly without any issues or drawbacks. You can also read a related article: Milestones and Task Project Timeline Template

Following are some steps that are used to make a Project Timeline:

Project Management Timeline Template Excel



  1. First, you must take an account of all the project goals, objectives, and dependencies clearly.
  2. Then make a list of all the phases, steps, and tasks of your project in order to finish it successfully within the allocated estimated time.
  3. After that, you must note how much time is needed to accomplish each task in the project. This will also allow you to manage your time properly and use it in a productive way.
  4. Then you must note down the dependencies and sequence of each step. The dependencies will allow you to manage the sequence of the project tasks. As in some cases, one task is dependent on another and you cannot jump to the next step without completing the previous step. Consequently, identifying the e dependence is very important in a project timeline.
  5. The next step is mapping and creating your timeline by using all the information and data you have about the project.
  6. The last and yet a very important step in project management timeline template excel is to share the timeline with the stakeholders and the members of your team. As they are the essential and very important part of your team and they must be aware of the timeline of the project. This will increase the atmosphere of trust and reliability in you, your r team, and your stakeholder which is very important for the success of any project.

What are the Types of Project Management Timeline Template?

Following are the types of project management timeline templates:

1. Timeline Template with Gantt chart

A project Timeline represents the events of the project in sequential order. It is a graphical way of representing the data with a label in a bar against the time on one side. Gannt chart is an alone way of representing the data in a graphical way. This makes the information clearer and easy to interoperate. Gantt chart is the kind of project graphical representation method which is most often used in representing the project data


Milestone Gantt Chart Timeline Template Excel


In the project management timeline template excel The Gantt chart represents the data in a way that makes it easy to interoperate the information about the project. We can easily understand the whereabouts of our project. Therefore, the Gantt way of data representation is popular, easy, and straightforward without ambiguity in it. As it allows you to see the events, tasks, and processes of your project in a clear way.

The main components of the project timeline are different for different projects, but few things are the same in every timeline. For instance, elements like important dates, duration of tasks, and dependencies are the same in every project regardless of any nature. Please read helpful related article: Gantt Chart with Milestone Excel Template

2. Project Portfolio Dashboard with Timeline

A project portfolio is a way of managing more than one project in a given time. It helps in visualizing and mapping out series of projects on one platform.it also aids in providing a bigger picture of all the events and happenings going on in a project.


Project Portfolio Dashboard with Timeline Template Excel


Project Portfolio Dashboard with Timeline will also help you see the dependencies of different projects on each other. It is an easy and most efficient way of handling and managing more than one project at a time. That is is why Project Portfolio Dashboard with Timeline is very popular and most frequently used in the project management community.

The project portfolio timeline allows you to see how much time is allocated for each individual project to reach it to completion point. And it also allows seeing how much actual time is needed for the completion of the different tasks in the project.
Please read a project tracking related article: Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

3. Construction Project Timeline Template

Construction Project Management Timeline Template Excel

The construction Project manager looks into a lot of businesses while running a construction project. Multiple tasks are assigned to multiple stakeholders and other related team members. So, it is very important to know about the estimated and expected deadlines for the completion of the assigned tasks to every individual for using the resources, time, and energy in the right direction to get the best output for a successful project. Thus, Construction Project Timeline Template in Excel is being used efficiently in these types of projects.

4. Project Implementation Timeline Example

The project implementation timeline exists in the 3rd phase of the project management life cycle. The project managers bring the procedures into action after the documentation and planning of the project. Thus, you can define the project implementation timeline as the practical documented list of tasks, activities, procedures, and data of related stakeholders, suppliers, and contractors, etc. Project Management Timeline Template Excel is used for project implementation timelines for knowing the deadlines, costs, and other factors in project management and planning.

5. Sprint Timeline Template

Agile sprint planning is used for the project tasks scheduling, the purpose of project planning, estimation of the cost and budget, estimated time of tasks completion, manpower utilization, project monitoring, hr approaches, and communication management to establish simple and powerful communication between stakeholders and related teams. You can read in detail article about the sprint timeline: Agile Project Management Template Excel


Hence, we have seen that the project portfolio plays a very important role in project development and completion. So, you must have a proper and well-managed way of handling your project data and make an effective timeline to help your project run smoothly.


Q1.  How do you measure project progress through the project timeline template?

Ans. Simply by entering the data into the software you can generate a project progress report.

Q2. Where can we use the project timeline template?

Ans. This template can be used in IT Projects, Construction Projects, Education Projects, Engineering Projects, and in many types of small businesses.

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