In the RACI matrix, each alphabet has separate meanings the r is for responsible, a for accountable, c means consulted and I stand for informed. This tool basically helps in making sure the team is well managed and organized. The template is also helpful in making sure that the team and stakeholders are on the same page and aware of all the important information regarding the project.

In this article, we will see what RACI matrix template Excel is and how do we make it. We will also discuss its importance for the betterment of the project.

  1. Definition of RACI Matrix
  2. Usage of RACI Template
  3. RACI Matrix in Project Management
  4. How to Create RACI Matrix
  5. Stakeholder RACI Template
  6. Responsibility Assignment Matrix Template
  7. Responsibility Matrix Template for Construction


RACI Matrix Template Excel

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What is RACI Matrix Template?

The RACI Matrix approach is helpful in keeping a daring eye on the roles and responsibilities of the project team and keep them under control. Effective management of the workers can be ensured with the aid of this amazing tool. This is one of the most popular and well-used tools for project team management and control. It also helps in keeping an eye on the project deliverables.


The RACI Matrix is also known for its ability to ensure competency and improve the efficiency of your project. This also helps to make sure that the project team is united and has a bond between them. With the usage of this tool when members have ab better idea of their part in the project this will automatically result in the successful completion of the project. Therefore, this could also be a great source of analyzing and reviewing the performance of each manner of the project in accordance with the allocated responsibilities.

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Why use a RACI Matrix Template Excel?

Running a project with success is not a one-person job, it is teamwork. Subsequently, to ensure the best progress and productive results there must be a proper framework to manage the project workers. It is very essential to show them what their roles and responsibilities are and what tasks are allocated to them. All this can not be possible without the help of a proper tool. These days many different types of tools are available for this task. One of the tools is RACI Matrix. it is an efficient and one of the reliable tools to make sure the team is well managed, and everything is in the right direction. You can read a related article and also download the template: Project Management Timeline Template Excel


RACI Matrix usage in project management

RACI Matrix plays a vital role in project execution and proper project management. As the team members are the main part of the project, keeping them well managed is not an easy task. But with professional help from tools like RACI Matrix things not only get under control but also show significant results in the end. Subsequently, when managing a project tries to make sure you have a RACI Matrix Template excel on hand.

As this tool makes sure who is responsible for what, this is a good practice to catch the black sheep in the project if you have any. Also, this is a good way to keep the project going out of track. Once the project goes off track often it takes a lot of effort and time to drag it back on the right path. Accordingly, to avoid all this hassle try to have the solution beforehand. In my opinion, the RACI Matrix excel is a must-have tool for the proper and professionals team management of the project. In short, this astonishing tool could be your project key to victory. You can read a related article and also download the template: Staffing Management Plan Template Excel 

How to create a RACI Document Template

As we have a better idea by now that how significantly essential is RACI Matrix document for effective project management. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your project make sure you include RACI Matrix in managing your project. Let’s have a look at some of is steps to see how we make it:

  1. First, enlist all the team members of the project. This is one of the important steps so make sure you do it properly with care.
  2. Next make an account of the project tasks and keep all the information in a proper and well-managed way. As this directly affects the progress of the project so make sure not to miss out on any task or its relevant information.
  3. Then comes the point where you allot RACI responsibility, accountability, consultation, and information to each individual task.
  4. In the last step after allocation and arranging everything, you must share all this data with all the team members, so they will know what task is assigned to them. This is a good idea to gain the trust and make them feel involved in the project. This results in creating interest and better results at the end of the project.

Responsibility assignment matrix

“Responsibility Assignment Matrix RAM, RACI & Linear Responsibility Chart LRC are actually different words used for the same term. This term is used for the multiple roles in project management to describe the multiple tasks and deliverables”.


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In conclusion of the above discussion, we have come to know how important RACI Matrix excel is for batter project and team management. Consequently, try to have one of these kinds of tools handy to manage your project team workers.

Frequently Asked Questions Answers

Q.1. Which level of activities should be listed in a RACI template?

Ans. RACI is a project management tool which actually used for high-level tasks for strategy planning and defining the job roles.

Q.2.  What is the difference between RACI Matrix, Responsibility Assignment Matrix & Linear Responsibility Chart?

Ans. A RACI Matrix is also known as the Responsibility Assignment Matrix and Linear Responsibility Chart. It clarifies the various roles in a project.

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