Requirements Traceability Matrix Template Excel PMBOK

if you are looking for a tool to track down the requirements of your project then the Requirements traceability matrix Template could be of great help for you.

Requirements traceability matrix template is a quality tool in managing the needs and requirements of your template. To gain customer satisfaction, it is necessary that you understood the need of the project from the beginning till handing over the final deliverables. The requirements traceability matrix is an extraordinary tool to manage the project needs and meets the project organization requirements. It tracks down and keeps a log of the project requirements.

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According to the PMBOK, the Requirements traceability matrix template excel originated from the concept of the relation between the requirements and stakeholders. This template is also the best choice for the evolution of the project needs.
It is often the project manager’s job to make the Requirements Traceability Matrix. It notes down the requirements descriptions and related significant dates. The approval of needs and requirements is also an important factor of this template.
Therefore, it provides the project bird view of the project needs and makes things easy and more manageable. That is the reason it is one of the most important and useful tools to deal with project needs.

Requirements Traceability Matrix Template Excel

Phases of Requirements Traceability Matrix

The project requirement tool makes sure that the project scope, goals, and requirements are completed at the correct time. It makes a row of the requirements like a string of beads one after another.
This makes them easy to look through and makes sure nothing misses out at any stage of the process.
This tool follows the project from the starting to the end to make sure the requirements are well handled and fulfilled.
Subsequently, this requires a tracking tool that makes sure that you don’t face any requirement-related problems today or tomorrow.

The use of this template will get you to project a bit ahead to make things more under control and cover issues as well. It also highlights if there is any alteration needed to make the process work even better. In short, the requirement is very important and must be dealt with care for the project to succeed.

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Following are the stages of the Requirements Traceability Matrix Template Excel:

  1. You need to make sure that the information about requirements is the latest and up to date.
  2. Then see if the requirement tracking is feasible and works fine with the project process. In other words, in this process of requirement traceability compatibility check is very important.
  3. Another important part is the verification of the requirements to check their authenticity and effectiveness.
  4. This process must be created and followed right from the beginning to get the full benefit from it.
  5. Make sure estimated deliverables are obtained on time.

 How to create a Requirements traceability matrix template

Requirements Traceability Matrix Template Excel is important the requirements of the project must be see elected, arranged, and saved properly for them to be managed properly throughout the project. There is a possibility that with the change in the project process or task the requirements may also change a little bit. So, it is important for the project manager to review and upgrade the Requirements Traceability Matrix template once it has been created.

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There is a fair chance that requirements can easily be mismanaged and neglected if the project manager does not use the proper tools to deal with them. Thus, by using an appropriate tool make sure the requirements are well handled and defined clearly.

Following are some general steps showing how do you create one of these temples:

  1. Introduce a proper serial numbering system and number your requirements separately to keep them differentiated from each other.
  2. Give proper names and make sure thorough details of the requirements are document ted.
  3. Give priorities to the requirement and arrange them according to the need of them to complete.
  4. Finally, the checking and verification of the process are very necessary for everything to fit in and work efficiently.

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Requirement Traceability Matrix Template Excel Contents

 An RTM Requirement Traceability Matrix Template is an advanced approach to trace the requirements of a project in a project management process through the project management life cycle. In this template, you can document all the requirements and resources. These processes are positively used to clarify the project goals and objectives to get the expected output. It also clarifies all project-related requirements to get the rightful objectives.

rtm Requirements Traceability Matrix Template Excel

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Followings are the contents of a Requirements Traceability Matrix Template Excel:

  1. Title: Here you enter the company’s name, detail, or logo
  2. Project Details: Here you can put the complete project details like Project Name, Project Code, Release Number, Prepared By, Manager’s Name, and all relevant numbers.
  3. Requirement ID: Requirement ID is a unique ID given to every requirement. It helps to track the desired requirement in the project life cycle.
  4. Category: Here a project manager or designated person assigns the categories to the requirements either these requirements are functional or non-functional, maintenance, Bidirectional, security, software or performance-related, etc.
  5. Requirement: In this area, you define the requirement needed in the project. It can be a service, result or a product, etc.
  6. Priority: It indicates the importance or priority of the requirement like Low, Medium, or High.
  7. Source: Here you will put the name of the concerned person or stakeholder who’s going to look after the specific requirements for relevant projects.
  8. Objectives: In this section, you will document the project objectives that help to define the expected output from the specific requirements to meet the project set goals.
  9. Deliverables: Highlight and list the deliverable related to the requirements.
  10. Verification: Here you can judge the test completion requirement, for example, the percentage of user acceptance testing.
  11. Validation: In this tab, you can check the process of how the requirement is tested.

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In conclusion to the above discussion, we have come to know that the Requirements Traceability Matrix is a very important tool and plays a vital role in the project to reach the finish line. Consequently, make sure you have this template available and ready to use, and should be part of your overall approved project plan.


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