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The scope of the project is basically, what you expect from a project. Project scope is decided by the organization in such a way that the outcomes of the plan are in the best interest of the customers. A project undergoes several phases of planning, communication, coordination, and execution. All these are part of the project management plan and the quality of the plan depends upon the skills of project management professionals. Scope management plan template PMP is precisely a process in which it is ensured that the project’s scope is mapped out accurately. Also, scope management helps to decide the right amount of effort, time, and energy you need to put in a certain phase of the project.

In this article, you can read the following:

  1. Scope Management Plan Template (according to PMBOK standards)
  2. Project Scope Method
  3. Project Scope Statement Template Excel
  4. Project Plan Scope
  5. Simple Project Scope Statement
  6.  Project Scope Baseline Template
  7. Project Scope Change Request Template

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What is Scope Management Plan?

There is a systematic method a project management professional can adopt for scope management. Some key steps are mentioned below;

  1. In the primary step, you need to define what you expect from a project. Map out the needs of the project, check the timeline and resources. After having enough clarity about the goals of the project you can further make the list of the tasks as per the requirement of the project. Once a task list is developed you can frame the responsibilities of each team member. Keep the allocated budget in your mind as it also helps in the scope setting.
  2. According to the plan of the project, have a clear idea about the objectives of the project. Sometimes the objective is to develop a new product or at times to develop a new service for the clients. Both things require different sorts of scope and you have to manage according to the nature of the project.
  3. As soon as the objectives and the outcome of the project are obvious define the scope of the project. The scope is the roadmap to work on the goals and as a result, bring the best possible outcomes.

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Project Scope Statement Template in Excel

Scope Statement is a detailed document in scope management plan template PMP which defines the whole scope of the project in detail. The details include the key deliverables, inclusion and exclusion criteria also the possible underlying risks are mentioned in this document.


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Some main headings of the scope statement are mentioned below;

  • The project’s field is described
  • Project details (Name, Owner of the project, starting and ending date, roles)
  • A well-defined project’s scope
  • Scope definition included key deliverables along with the description
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Assumptions and constraints
  • Exclusion Criteria

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Some examples of templates are mentioned here;

Project Plan Scope

This is a basic template that includes all necessary information including objectives, deliverables, constraints, and milestones, etc. It can be used easily and customized as well.


Fig. 1 Project Plan Scope Template

Simple Project Scope Statement

It can be used for both small- and large-scale projects. Scope Management Plan Template PMP  has a very simple layout and can be used for the scope statement. Outline for the project’s scope is created along with the details like assumptions, milestones, and other criteria of the project. The document is signed by the stakeholder for approval.


Fig. 2 Simple Project Scope Statement Template

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Project Scope Baseline Template

It is a little complex and detailed template which includes work breakdown structure as well as task information along with the owner names and task details.

Project Scope Baseline Template

Fig. 3 Project Scope Baseline Template

Project Scope Change Request Template

As the project progresses you might see a change in the implementation of the direction of the project. At times the direction is marginally different from the actual scope of the project and you need to alter the scope of the project. Also, sometimes, the timeline of the project can also be a cause for the change of the scope. Everything in project management undergoes a proper channel, just like if a change in scope is required you need to follow some template. Follow the requirements of the template and enter the data accordingly.

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The project title is recorded on the top of the change request template in Scope Management Plan Template PMP followed by the contact details of the responsible person and project summary. Keep the summary to the point. The original project timeline in comparison with the revised timeline is carefully mentioned. Also, you need to write why the change is required. Give a solid justification for the change.

Change request template

Fig. 4 Change Request Template

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