Agile Methodology Software in Project Planning

The software project planning involves many different aspects of a project that all fall under project management. The end result of this part of the process is to make sure the different tasks that are to be undertaken during a project are coordinated properly, so the project objectives can be met. It helps:

  1. Efficient Productivity
  2. Increase Employees sense of job ownership
  3. Enhance Leadership
  4. Productive for small groups
  5. Self-assessment

One area that Agile Methodology Software in project planning has sped up immensely is in the scheduling of the different aspects of the project. By using a template in the software, the scheduling of the manpower, resources, and materials can all be laid out easily and completely before a review of the project has taken place.
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The facilitating of communications between the different team members and the project manager is another area that software project planning can assist in. By establishing a chart of the chain of command, along with the preferred mode of communications for each player in the project, better coordination can be obtained.

The monitoring capabilities and how a project is to be inspected can also utilize the software project planning program. Having a software program assist in compiling and analyzing the data from a project in an organized manner, makes understanding where the project is at any point in time considerably easier.

When using software project planning for every stage of the life cycle of a project, the data will be collected and organized. Most of these types of programs have the capabilities of providing documentation on the different aspects of the project. The reports that are needed along the way, and at the end of a project, will take less time to compile. This allows more time for the project manager to spend on any issue that might arise due to a logistical problem or customer issue.
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Types of Agile Methodologies:

Following are the main Agile Methodologies:


Scrum Methodology is an Agile Methodology Software in project planning that allows project managers to organize their teams according to the required set. This simple approach let manage the teams by following the simple criteria e.g., you enter the values in this template and get immediate result. Thus, scrum is very productive for managing and organizing the project’s tasks e.g., organizing meetings.




2. XP (Xtreme Programming)

Xtreme Programming is a framework approach that helps to upgrade Agile Software according to the requirement to increase productivity. This method is very productive and predictable.

3. Lean Development (LSD)

Lean Software Development is an optimized approach to use the time and resources in the right direction. By using the LSD approach, you can easily conduct business stakeholders’ meetings, get their reviews, suggestions and solve conflicts, similarly, you can predict the cost management and increase manufacturing strategies, In short, Lean Development increases productivity while remaining cost and time-efficient.

4. DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method)

In agile methodology software in project planning DSSM methodology is used to build a system according to project requirements and stakeholders’ skills and maintaining it as well.

5. Crystal

Crystal methodology is used to run, control and monitor the individual’s performance.

6. Kanban

Kanban methodology is basically designed to gain product knowledge e.g., product overview and instruction manual etc.

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Before a project begins, a manager should become familiar with the software project planning program they are going to use. This way, they will know its capabilities and strengths to help them complete the project on time and under budget.


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