Agile Project Estimation Template

A Project Manager and his team/ stakeholders either working on product development or project development, everyone is answerable about his estimated work progress, when he is going to complete his tasks. Thus, agile project managers use this agile project estimation template excel to make an estimation of work progress in a specific time period.

There are the following categories of an Agile Project Estimation Template:

1. Team-Based Estimation
2. Relative Estimate
3. Estimate Velocity

Agile Project Estimation Template

How many types of Agile Project Estimation Templates?

There are many types of Agile Project Estimation template excel are used at different places and different phases of a project according to its requirements, the following few famous templates are as follow:

1. Agile Software Project Cost Estimation Template Excel

Determining the Agile Software Project Cost Estimation is a very difficult phase in project planning and hard to determine that how much time and cost it is going to take. There are few following strategies are being used for agile software costing.

  1. Software Contract Pricing and Estimation
  2. Agile Software Project Contracts
  3. Fixed based pricing
  4. Flexible Changes
  5. Additional work charges
  6. Ranged Estimation

2. Agile Project Cost Estimation Template Excel

Humans are not very good at predictions. This template is very productive to determine the project cost estimation. Before costing a project, we need the following data to get an authentic estimated figure:

  1. Business Modeling
  2. Requirements
  3. Analysis & Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Test
  6. Deployment
  7. Project Management
  8. Environment

    3. Agile Construction Estimating Template Excel

Change acceptance and adaption is a modern approach. Agile construction estimation template plays a very important role in building. It saves time and lets you help to get productive results. This method saves time in identifying the problem and fast rectifying of problem. Related Article: Cost Management Plan Template Excel

Agile Construction Estimating Template

  1. Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel

Agile Sprint Planning Template not only covers the tasks scheduling it also help to determine the Agile Project planning purpose, setting up schedules, project team, contractors, costing and budget plan, monitoring, HR approaches, risk management, quality management, and communication between team stakeholders and contractors/ suppliers, etc.

There is a very highly recommended related article you must read: Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel

  1. Agile Project Plan Template Excel

In Agile Project estimation template excel the project is planned in sprints, Sprints planning is used to determine the benefits and functions of the products. The Project Managers held a meeting with related working teams/ stakeholders, contractors, and suppliers, etc before running every single sprint. Basically, the agile project plan methodology is used for the handling of the changes and errors through sprint-based software, which saves time and quickly traces the glitches. You can read a detailed article and also get the best templates: Agile Project Management Template Excel

What is the difference between Scrum & Sprints in Agile Project Management?

Scrum VS Sprints

Scrum is a properly defined and optimized framework and sprints take place in a scrum. Scrum defines all aspects of Agile Projects and a very famous approach to software development and the sprints are also playing a very vital role in this scenario. Sprints let us know the defined time period for product development in a project planned under Agile Project Management methodology.

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