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Agile basically is a way of dealing with a change by using a software approach. Agile project planning is a project planning method that assesses work using work units called sprints. Get ready to download the agile project management template excel use in the project planning phase.

Sprints are mainly short period tasks like periods of 1-3 weeks in which a team concentrates on a small work element and tries to complete them. Agile planning helps the team member to assess how many tasks can be completed I how much time.

In this post, we provide information about agile planning, how it is done, and why it is important?

Key Features of Agile Project Management Template Excel

Agile Project Management is a kind of management in which agile software development is used. It is a reiterative method of guiding and planning a project. Agile management usually is done in smaller pieces of work. And then based on the results the next goals of the project are planned.

Characteristics of Agile Management

Agile project management template plans can differ in many different categories based on the methods used. method by method. Though, if the core process is related to agile methodology, it can be used for your project.

The managers who plan their projects using agile often try different approaches according to their needs. planning projects through the agile philosophy often find use and combine multiple methods. Some of the characteristics of agile methods are:

  1. Iterative characteristic Development
  2. Assessment-guided development
  3. Comparison and associations
  4. Self-coordinating groups
  5. Product buildup

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agile project managementStages in Agile Project Management

As we know by now that Agile project management is one of the essential components in project planning. The next question that comes to mind is what are the different stages in this process. Let us have a look at them

1.    Planning Projects:

The first and foremost step in agile planning is project planning. Planning is a must-have thing whenever you are dealing with any type of business. A proper plan leads you to success.

2.    Establishing Product Maps:

The next step is making a map for your product. This will allow your stakeholders and investors to understand the project plan properly. Consequently, this can achieve by constructing a roadmap that will cover all the deliverables needed to build the final product.

3.    Daily Stand-ups:

The daily stand-up meetings to see and discuss the project progress with team members on a daily basis and aids in planning the tasks for the next day. These meetings also provide a platform to address and resolve any issues faced.

4.    Sprint Assessments:

As they progress at the finish of every sprint couple of meeting is arranged. The first one is for the presentation of the finalized product. And the second one is for the evaluation of sprint. In which the members of the project analyze and discuss each sprint’s strong points, flaws, and remedies.

Types of Agile Project Management Template Excel

Below you can view some different types of the agile planning template

  1. Agile Project Plan Template Excel

This template is used to break down the plan into small phases to estimate how much time will take for each product or service to be delivered. To check the product’s basic design to the final testing phase.

  1. Agile Project Charter Template

Word Charter is related with some legal terms to use authority legally, thus Agile Project Charter meaning is to set standards and terms (approved from all concerned members and authorities in project processing) to proceed a project for successful completion with best productive output.

The Agile Project Charter is an effective agile-based document that is created at the start of an Agile Project. This is helpful in making a proper plan at the beginning of the project. Therefore, it also provides and maps the anticipated results of the project.

It mainly is comprising of three components.

  • Project vision
  • Mission statement
  • Success criteria
  • Agile Release Plan Template

The agile release plan template is used to assign deadlines to related staff to get the output of tasks to complete projects, usually, this given released deadlines timespan is a fixed base.

  1. Agile Product Roadmap Template

Agile product roadmap template lets the key person know about the product’s future, e.g. after few months or estimated set time where the will product lay and in which form like its development.

  1. Agile Product Backlog Template

The agile product backlog is a record where you can check that every member is working on its given part for accomplishing the tasks. With the implementation of this template, a manager can easily rectify the errors and glitches during the project working.

  1. Agile Test Plan Template

This is a very important and useful template that is used almost in overall project phases at different times for getting the best output, like in the starting phase of a project testing of given data and information and after so on.


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