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In this article, I will describe how you can plan your project’s essential changes. Are you looking for an easy way to provide your customers with requests for changes to a project, service, or product? If yes you need to introduce a well-defined change request template. By this, you can make sure all adjustments and modifications are not only collected instantly and simply controlled but appropriately recognized too.

Here in this article, we will discuss what is a change request? What is a change request form? We will also discuss the major components of the change request form. What is a change request log?

What is a change request in project planning?

In a business, all the running projects can require a change at some point. Therefore, you need to have a proper plan in place to refrain from any problems. The changes may include changes in the business plan, deliverables, mitigation plan to manage risk. Change can occur for several purposes and change is ok, even with the greatest set of plans.

It is nice to have a smoothly running business. But in some cases, the best plan can have some underlying issues. These problems can have a considerably bad effect on the progress of your project.

So, in this case, if the need change must be done in accordance with the problem. A well-established change request form also regulates the process of dealing with those adjustments. If there is no change control process, the project managers will not be able to manage and will fail in addressing and eliminating the issues.

change request template excelComponents of Change Request Template Excel

A well-managed change request template includes the description of the change, the reason, sections impact analysis, and a space to document the decision for change request. In the end, this template has the signature in the end for the who has the authority to approve the change.

The key elements of a Change Request are:

  1. Request No
  2. Change Description
  3. Change Reason
  4. Impact of change
  5. Proposed Action
  6. Status of change

Importance of Change Request Template Excel

A change request can come in very handy when it comes to problem resolving in a project. The types of change which can be done are the changes regarding cost, resources and requirements, and many other fields.

This template will also permit you to use a request form that has the spaces for project specifics, change over category, with its explanation and advantages, and level of priority. Therefore, the change request form is perhaps a very important tool and document in the change management process. As it gives a single path for inviting a change.

Furthermore, another handy feature of this tool is the ability to manage multiple projects at a time. Plus, this change template will also allow you to attach important documents regarding change according to your need.

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Types of Change Request Templates Excel

Different types of change request templates are available in excel according to your project change request need.

Construction Change Order Form Template

A construction change order template is utilized by suppliers or engineers as official permission to make project changes. This template is best used to specify scheduled works in detail. This also has the function of indicating the justification and application for change with evidence like photos and other related documents attached. The construction change order also delivers approximate costs and an additional project plan.

Project Change Request Template Excel

The Project Change Request offers an integrated detail of the current status of the project request change. It is used for everyone and provides the required information to concerns to achieve the project goals.

Change Request Log

A change request log is a document that allows every stakeholder, contractor, and client, etc. to file the changes during the project processing.

 Change Request Form Template Excel

The Change Request form is a well-organized method to file the changes.

Document Change Request Template Excel Form

In the document change request form, we can put the required changes information for the completion of the project which is decided at any phase of the project. We use this template to track the influences of complications and glitches.

ITIL Change Request Template Excel

ITIL is a well-planned and coordinated set of practices, which is often used to guarantee the arrangement and communication between the IT and the business demands of a company.

In the absence of this tool in its company, you will be able to assess a demanded IT change, detect and map in what way that adjustment is to be made. Not Including a well-managed ITIL change management process, the IT service changes can easily result in distracting business procedures and causing excessive interruptions.

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