Project planning is one core element of project management that sets the overall tone of the project. Excel Project Plan Template can help you to plan all the upcoming events of the project by staying organized.

Project planning greatly helps you define the stages of the project and their expected progress as well. Project planning not designs the basic framework or roadmap of the project but also works well with the timeline and resource planning and management. Project planning can be broken down into some below-mentioned components;

  • Identify or set measurable objectives
  • Figure out your deliverables
  • Schedule the activities of the project
  • Make integrated plans (relating to human resource, communication plan, risk management)

What is project planning?

Project planning is an extensive process that requires rigorous back and forth analysis. As a result, you can obtain a structured plan for the project. To achieve this state in a project, proper documentation is done.

There are different tools or software that can help you to proficiently plan your project. Gantt chart is one of these important tools which can help you in project planning.

How does Gantt chart Helping in Project Planning?

A Gantt chart is one tool that can help you get the grip of the project both in planning and management. Gantt chart gives you a chance to organize your data specifically according to each task.

For example, you can enter the titles of each task, owner/ manager of each task, starting or ending dates, even the status of each task.  So, basically, it gives you an outline to all the team working on a project. Hence, the Gantt chart holds notable value in project planning and by incorporating this powerful technique in project management you can see improved performance responses.

Which is the Best Tool/Template for Project Plan with the Gantt chart?


You can get a variety of templates online which can help you to form a Gantt chart for a project plan. These templates save your time and energy also, Excel Project Plan Template greatly enhances the efficiency of the project. Excel templates are most suitable for project planning and in it you can make the Gantt chart as well.


Discuss Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel works wonders in project management. It specifically helps you to evaluate the project details and leads you towards better decisions. As a result, improved performances are observed.

Project Portfolio dashboard can efficiently deal with more than one project at a time. It greatly helps in risk management keeping the objectives under consideration. This risk assessment and evaluation of the project makes it favorable for the project managers to keep up with the progress of the project.

It is also a great tool for scheduling activities of the project. Overall, Excel Project Plan Template keeps things aligned and gives a visual or graphical representation that is easier to comprehend. There are a variety of templates available in the project portfolio like budget tracking, status report, timeline, and a few others. An image of the project portfolio dashboard is attached below.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

Here is a very important article for you with template access: Project Management Portfolio Dashboard Excel

How to Create a Gantt Chart Template in Excel for Project Planning?

There are different ways to use Gantt charts in project management. But one standard method of using the Gantt chart in project management is explained below;

Step 1: You need to put in something to get some outcome. Just like that, you need to put up enough details to get a proper Gantt chart. Identify important tasks according to each phase of the project. List all the activities of the project.

You might require a work breakdown structure to create a comprehensive task list. With all this, you need to map the estimated duration of each task as mentioned in the image.


Step 2: The task list will help you get an idea about the interlinked task. Some tasks are dependent on each other; you can start the next task before the completion of the previous one. For instance, construction is completely structured and all the activities are interlinked. You cannot paint before getting the walls done before.

So, you need to clearly identify the task relationship.  After figuring out the relationship you can design a sequence of tasks. Keep the dependent task before so that the progress of the project is hindered. The figure explains the current progress of setting up the Gantt chart for project management.


Step 3: Select software or template to design your personalized Gantt chart. There are a number of templates available online which you can easily use in your project planning.

Step 4: As the project moves ahead, you require some tools to keep a check on the progress of the project. The Gantt chart is continuously updated and helps you a lot to keep up with the upcoming activities of the project.

Following are the most commonly used Excel Project Plan Templates:

Project Timeline Template Excel

Using a project management timeline template saves you and your team a considerable amount of time and helps in saving your energy as well.

it is a collective type of document which covers the whole project along with the task associated with it.

 Gantt Chart with Milestones Excel Template

Gantt chart template excel with Milestone is very helpful and efficient in this regard. You can easily trace stakeholder’s performance within given deadlines.

A Milestone basically is associated with the Gantt charts to provide a detailed overview of the project. For a high-level illustration and explanation Milestone must be associated with the Gantt. Milestones also ensure better communication between the team and higher authorities of the project.”

RACI Chart Template Excel

The RACI Matrix approach is helpful in keeping a daring eye on the roles and responsibilities of the project team and keeping them under control. Effective management of the workers can be ensured with the aid of this amazing tool.

This is one of the most popular and well-used tools for project team management and control. It also helps in keeping an eye on the project deliverables.”

Team Resource Planning Template Excel

This is basically to assess the capacity and progress of your project team. You can also see how the resources are used and what are the important aspects associated with them. The resource utilization tool helps to see whether the resources are under or overutilized.

Excel Project Plan Template allows the project manager to have a detailed understanding of the project’s progress. It provides a tool for the understanding of the duties and performance of the project team members.

By looking at resource utilization information the project managers can see how much time the project team is spending on the project.”

Project Costing Template Excel

Cost Management Plan Template Excel is equally important and essential for all categories and types of projects. As it should be handled with great care to keep your project’s budget under control.

Therefore, an effective cost management plan focuses mainly on required expenses and the ways they are achieved. Cost management basically is planning and managing the project costs to complete the project within the approved budget mentioned in the project charter document.”

Project Management Budget Template

“The managers must be consistent, careful, and very attentive throughout the cost management process. This is important to make sure that the budget is under control to progress and enhance productivity.

As huge projects need more careful planning and require precision when dealing with costs. Project cost tracking template excel provides you an approach and procedure to work with costs easily and effectively.

Projects cost and expenses can not be handled easily without using a proper tool. As it requires proper planning, documentation, and monitoring. The cost is something which is quite tricky to handle and most of the managers struggle with it especially in the case of bigger projects.”

Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel

“The agile project plan tool focuses on the processes and their relative features. It identifies how the process will be managed and how much time it will take.

Furthermore, as the project proceeds the agile project plan also requires some alterations. Subsequently, make the relevant and needed changes in the agile project plan to help in working the plan efficiently.”

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