Google Sheets Project Management Templates

Today’s topic is Google Sheets Project Management Templates, which requires extensive planning for management and strong command over the project. All departments of a company are assigned tasks as per their specifications.

The whole team is involved in the progress of the project. To lessen some burden and save time, there are templates available in Google sheets that can easily design your project framework, deal swiftly with the budget, manage work breakdown, and also keep a check on progress with the help of tracking templates.
Some noticeable benefits of using Google sheet templates are;

  • Smart Designs
  • Accessible
  • Better to connect with the team as it is constantly updated through the Google drive
  • Easy to use
  • Templates are already available

Types of Google Sheets Project Management Templates:

You can redesign the available templates as per your requirement. The most common and important types are mentioned below:

Gantt Chart Google Sheets Project Management Template

Gantt chart is a good tool to manage multiple tasks alongside their deadlines. You can design a customized Gantt chart keeping in mind your considerations regarding a project.

Gantt charts work well for the tracking purpose of the multiple things running simultaneously in a project. You only need to define the purpose before setting up a Gantt chart in Google sheets. It is good for the tracking of the project’s progress.

The basic Gantt chart for the task tracking includes task title, whom it is assigned to, starting, and completion date, overall duration, the status of the progress.


To make the Gantt chart presentable do formatting highlight different tasks as per their importance and durations.


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Project Charter Google Sheet

This template equips the team to manage their tasks proficiently. It has improved the over efficiency and the quality of work. Project charter basically brings the team together to work before the project starts. It helps to clear the vision of the project. The project charter is not a replacement for the project plan but it is a good edition for the smooth flow of the project as everything is pre-planned and well defined in the project charter.

The main components of the project charter include a one-liner project overview which briefly gives the idea of the project. Project name or title, the sponsors or investors of the project, name of the project manager, contact details of the project manager are important to record, expected timeline of the project, and also the expected budget.

Then come to the project description which includes the purpose of the project, scope of the project, outcomes of the project. Other than this some important details regarding resources, task scheduling, and risk management are recorded. The document ends with the signature of the project manager and the sponsor/ investor involved.

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Google Sheets Task List Template

It is very easy to set up a task list or to-do list in Google sheets. Task lists have variations, you can select the template as per your need. The basic task list includes task titles, owner of the tasks, starting and ending date and the advanced ones have an additional column for the status of the tasks.

More advanced have budget details as well. You need to decide the best fit for your project. It can also be customized by the project manager.

Cash Flow Template Google Sheets

Keeping an eye on cash flow is important to develop cost-effective and profitable strategies. From the starting of the project, you need to organize cash flow so that no money is wasted or invested at the wrong place.
Materials, labor, sales, transport, and vendor payment. There are templates for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cash flow records. Keeping a true record of the cash flow will help you to organize further task budgets. As soon as you select a template there will be 3 Google sheets that you will be managing for the cash flow.

In the first record all the receipt is added, in the second one payment details are recorded. In the third one, data is directed from the first to spreadsheets. And cash flow analysis is done.

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Roadmap Google Sheets Project Management Templates

For product manufacturing, you need to develop a roadmap for smooth progress. You need to define the purpose of the product or project so that your clearly defined motives are easier for the contractors and stakeholders to understand.

This document is highly confidential and contains all important information regarding systems, services, staff, suppliers, and tasks related to the product roadmap. It is a complete overview of the design you are planning to follow.


Project Timeline Google Sheets Template

The Project Timeline Google Sheets Template is used to get the maximum efficient output without wasting extra time and effort. This template is user-friendly easy to use and editable at the high end. Which, fulfills your project requirements.

The project timeline tool is productive at;

You can use the project timeline template for IT Projects, Construction Projects, Marketing Projects, Healthcare Projects, Infrastructure Projects, Product Development Projects, and many related projects.

Project Life-Cycle Based Google Sheets Project Management Templates

Project Life-Cycle is a bit tricky section in project management. Google sheet project management template allows you to handle is a most important part in a smart way from Project Initiation to Project Closure. Google sheet offers you to work with a large range of possibilities.

These templates are efficiently designed for solving project management-related tasks. The layout is elegant with the latest menus and editable.

You just need to enter the data values into a sheet and get instant results. These sheets support MS word, Excel, and pdf files as well as the print options.

In Project Life-Cycle based google sheet template is mainly available for the following tasks:

Google Sheet Risk Management

Risk Management is a very important part of project management that cannot be neglected. This process is used to identify the possible risk factors and issues to find out the strategies and overcome the situation.

Google sheets templates for risk management are designed to manage risks, finding out the potential risks and their impacts on projects,s, etc. These advanced and customized templates are editable and easy to use which are available in MS Word, Excel, and PDF formats.

Risk Management related article with Template: Risk Issue Log Template

Google Sheet Project Tracking Template

The google sheet project tracking template is very renowned in project management. This tool is used to track and organize various tasks in Project Management. These sheets are used to trace out the progress stoppers and issues causing slow down the project development.

Project Tracking Milestone

Google Sheet Project Management Template is a user-friendly, easily editable, customized layout with a unique design.

You can use it to monitor your single project or multiple project tracking and overall monitoring at the same platform.


Q. Why Project Management Templates in Google Sheets?

Ans. The Google Sheets templates keep running projects on track, within the available budget and super organized. These templates are user-friendly and smartly editable. You can also keep a check on your teams and stakeholders.

Q. Are there annual subscription charges on these templates?

Ans. No, there is only a one-time purchase of a bundle, and you can use it for a lifetime with free offers.

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