Action Tracker Template

Are you running a business and struggling with the tracking of your project? You can use an action tracker template in excel format to track down the progress and development of different tasks and assignments in your business. This tool will help you to see the actions in your project the profit and loss. And it also helps in identifying if there are any underlying hazards to your organization.

In this article, we will see what an action tracker template excel is and how it is used? We will also have a look at its important components and some benefits associated with it.

What is Action Tracker?

This type of template is using in the project planning or tracking phase, action required in this step, so download plenty of these templates and track the project easiy. What are the different components of a task tracker?

An action tracker template excel is mainly designed to follow and analyze all the steps in the development of a project. It helps in evaluating the performance and achieving goals. It allows you to execute the different tasks in your project and helps in accomplishing and fulfilling them on the allocated time.

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It comes with an outstanding feature of Action Tracker Dashboard which allows a manager or key person to get an overview of overall reports in a single glance of the entire team and individual members as well. There is a separate view of employee performance like how many percent of tasks are done and pending. This dashboard is best for planning and communication for project-related issues and instructions.

Task & Action Tracker Template for Excel


The task Tracking template is multipurpose as it can be utilized as both an action tracker and a task tracker. So, you must give it a go. You can also alter and modify it according to your need.

Following are some most promising features of this tool:

  1. Help you track down the status of your project. As it automatically generates the status report by itself.
  2. Can also be applicable on solo or multiple projects
  3. Helps in tracking and maintaining a log for the progress of different tasks running in a project or project.
  4. Has incredible results and performance when used for team and project action and task tracking.
  5. An easy and simple way of enlisting and tracking different categories of actions in a singular tool
  6. This action tracker template was originally created to help a design team with logging and tracking design tasks for multiple projects with different teams.
  7. It also often helps in assigning priorities to different tasks in the project according to their importance and due dates.
  8. Change request template use after this one

Components of an Action Tracker Template

This tracking tool basically a simple spreadsheet to enlist and track tasks. It does not require a special system or specialized skills to use it. As it is quite straightforward and easy to use because mostly it is an excel based tool.

Therefore, the importance of this project task tracking tool cannot be denied. As it is a must-have template for managing and running your business projects successfully on time.

Following are some of the components included in this template:

  1. First and foremost, you must allocate and document the task number in the very first column to give the task an identity.
  2. Next, come the description and important points of the task under consideration.
  3. Then there is a space for the origin and starting date of the task.
  4. After that, you must document the related person responsible for a specific task. It includes the date and detail of the task handed over to the responsible person and the date it was completed.
  5. There is also a section allocated to document the updates and changes.
  6. As this tool is an excel based template you can make alterations to make it work for you.

Action Tracker Template

You can also visit the Daily Project Status Report:

Action Tracker Dashboard

If you are a project management expert you must have a good idea that in-depth detail, planning, and communication are essential in planning and executing tasks in a project. The most useful and successful businesses always have an effective action plan in place.

An action tracking dashboard is a system of maintaining the balance in the project. It also leads the team toward success. Furthermore, it is one of the most effective and straightforward ways of maintaining and running a project.

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Being an efficient and active project manager is all about making the association right and using a task assignment sheet that is thoroughly laid out very successfully.

Meeting Action Tracker Template Excel

This Meeting Action Template especially is designed for those managers who are mostly conducting meetings with their staff for discussions to sort out the glitches and tasks management.

A few important components in this template are important points notes, organizing the points notes, attendance of staff, assigning the tasks to staff, suggestions, track of actions, previous results, facing issues, and finding glitches.

Action Tracker Template

You can also visit:

Project Action Template

This template includes a title (description) project manager, staff, action priority, and performance report. This information is meant to be updated by every team member at a given time. The manager checks this information onset time and arranges meetings with concerned team members to achieve set goals for collective successful achievements.

Action Items Template for Excel

A checklist of action items is also you can download with this template, if you haven’t any idea regarding how to download, then ask the ProjecTemplates team.


I hope this reading helps you understand what the action tracer actually is and why it is important for your business. The task assignment template is a requirement and must for getting the whole project scheduled professionally and successfully. Consequently, you must plan to use a proper tool before executing any of the tasks to avoid any issues in the future.

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