Construction projects require a lot of hard work and continuous attention. There are multiple things going together in a construction plan and managing them all together is a tough task. For the management of such projects, the company hires a project manager. For ease, some software has a special template of the Construction Project Timeline Template Excel which can greatly reduce the burden on the team. By using these templates, you can align your tasks without clashes. These available templates save time and energy. Each company has its own preferences so these templates can be altered according to the need. Some available templates that you can use are mentioned below;

  1. Construction Schedule Template
  2. Commercial Construction Schedule Template
  3. Construction Gantt. Charts

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Types of Construction Timeline Templates

Following are the few famous types of construction timeline:

In a construction project, there are various things in a loop. And require a plan for the management. So, the Construction Project Timeline Template Excel is designed in such a way that there is no overlapping and everything stays on track.
The construction timeline templates do the task division followed by their starting and end date. It helps the project manager to track the progress of the project. Also, it keeps the team focused on the goal. It is better to decide the duration of tasks beforehand to keep running smoothly.

Construction timeline Template Excel

Fig. 1 Construction Project Timeline template

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  • Project Punch list:

To keep the team motivated performance is monitored continuously throughout the project.

This template significantly keeps the record of the individual per task progress. So, there is no mess in the finishing dates of the project. A plan is developed in such a way that everything keeps running smoothly towards the desired goal.
Data is sorted in the project punch list as task title or name followed by the person who is responsible for that particular task. A decided due date is recorded to keep an eye on progress. Task description is also added for clarity. And a spare column is left for comment. Progress-related comments can be added to this column.

Construction timeline Template Excel

Fig. 2 Project Punch list template in excel

  • Contractor progress payment template:

It is important to have a proper schedule for payments. Because at times delayed payments work as a hurdle in the progress of the project. So, Construction Project Timeline Template Excel is designed to record the payment schedules. A detailed spreadsheet is maintained which keeps the payments in check. Total contract amount.
Amount paid by the time with date, remaining payment, contractor name, and signature all are done through this spreadsheet. If a contractor has made all the decided payments then it is marked as clear payment. It is constantly updated to have an insight into the financial situation of the project.

Construction timeline Template Excel

Fig. 3 Contractor Payment Progress template

  • Construction Cost estimation Template:

Cost estimation is nearly the toughest and the most sensitive part of the project. There are templates available that have reduced the workload and improved the cost estimation accuracy. Cost estimation measures the success of the project.
And the cost estimation is to be done realistically. So, the budget allocated is good enough to finish the tasks. This is the simple cost estimation template that has a breakdown of the cost calculation by the contractor. Each contractor gives their estimated rates and the most feasible cost estimation by the contractor is accepted and further budget is allotted.

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Construction timeline Template Excel

Fig. 4 Simple cost estimation template

What is the Construction Schedule Template?

This is basically a roadmap of the construction project. Construction Project Timeline Template Excel is a professional document that provides all necessary information about the project. Proper scheduling reduces the burden or stress of mishandling during a project.
There may come some hurdles but planning helps to get over them easily. There are some templates available for the scheduling of a construction project, a few are mentioned below;

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  • Weekly construction schedule:

It is a simple weekly planner of a multi-year construction project with a proper task breakdown and duration. Also, a Gantt chart is made to check the progress of these tasks.

Construction timeline Template Excel

Fig. 5 Weekly construction schedule template

  • Daily construction Schedule template:

This template gives an update about the daily progress. And individual performance can also be measured. Also, it helps to divide the workload equally which will as a result improve the efficiency and the quality of the work.

Construction timeline Template Excel

Fig. 6 Daily construction schedule template

Frequently Asked Questions Answers

Q.1. What is Construction Project Timeline Template?

Ans. Construction Managers and related key persons use this approach to manage and organize their projects by task breakdown and setting the milestones. This construction timeline template allows the key persons to monitor the overall project progress.

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Q.2.  What are the phases of a construction project?

Ans. Following are the phases of a construction project:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Project Planning
  3. Project Implementation
  4. Project Performance Monitoring
  5. Project Closure

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