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 If you are in search of a template for making a Project Status Report, then your search is finally over. You are in right place.

You can use the daily project status report template excel to update your status reports, enhance communication with investors, and deliver your speeches with greater influence. There are so many useful things you can do by using a status report in excel format. A good status template additionally comprises a project timeline and a project report card segment. Both sections help you to have real-time insight into a project’s status at a glimpse.

Therefore, a Daily Project Status Report Template is a kind of document which provides an overall daily view of works or business dealings.  Mostly a Daily Report Template demonstrates a brief review of the whole day. It is easy and very beneficial to find out the position of the business, with help of this amazing Template. Furthermore, a daily profit and loss report can also be produced by looking at the status report.

The report could include many different sections for filling out different data. Consequently, the format of the report diverges corresponding to the nature of the business we are using the report for.

Why is the Daily Project Status Report Template Excel needed?

A daily project status report template is essential for running a project successfully. It is the best way of delivering information and better communication with your team and stakeholders as well.

  1. This is the best way to deliver information about your project.
  2. Therefore, one other important feature of a status report is that it makes sure that all the tea members of the organization are on the same page.
  3. It is a consistent and easy way of delivering information about project progress.
  4. With the help of constant daily status reports, you can follow progress by gathering information
  5. A well-managed and consistent status report can decrease the necessity for meetings, which saves you a considerable amount of time and energy at the office.
  6. It is a useful communicative tool to communicate with clients, sponsors, and other team members.

Format of Daily Project Status Report Template Excel

Now the question is how a status report looks like. Projects need proper attention and planning to run. The individuals participating in the project operate together to keep it running. By using a Project Status report, it is easy to keep track of the project, then everyone in the team can be updated. Furthermore, the best solution and smart approach to keeping track of the business is to come up with a project status report template.

Following is the general format of a Status Report:

  1. Project Introduction
  2. Summary of the project
  3. Development explanation
  4. Tasks level
  5. Project cost action
  6. Project risk plans

Every project has its own needs and requirements. The report can be altered and customized according to your need. The status report can be of different kinds according to time like daily, weekly, or monthly.

Daily Project Status ReportHow to Write a Strong Status Report Template?

A decent project status report tool and dashboards allow you to see instant insight into project progress. And it also shows if there are any hazards you will face in the future as you proceed further. This is an easily customizable tool and will also enable you to change the document to fit your requirements. Even though project status template types differ, they comprise the following comprehensive parts:

  1. Project Title: This is for the project name and exact title.
  2. Project Manager Details: This part includes information about the person in charge
  3. Time Contained: This contains the detail of the time a project covers.
  4. Date of End: Estimated completion time is documented in this section.
  5. Budget: The status of the project’s financial plan is documented here in this section. This will allow you to see if the project is under, over, or on the target planned budget?
  6. Value of the Project: This area is to document the status of the project quality to reveal whether the project is leading towards success or at risk.
  7. Risks and Risks: Here in this section any identified project risks are documented.

Types of Project Status Report?

List some types according to the different projects.

Daily Project Progress Report Template

Using this daily project progress report template excel helps you and your team members to see the progress in project status at every step of the way.  If the deport is made in detail in depth you must add day any day data of the development. This customizable handy report holds everyone surrounded in on the project’s daily advancements. The template also facilitates ensuring that you are aware of every aspect of every phase of your project.

Project Report Dashboard Template

Using this project report dashboard template is a helpful tool in reviewing the project’s status. This visually dynamic dashboard provides detailed updates of the evolution of each component. Consequently, by using this tool you can quickly check the health and development of your project. This user-friendly and customizable project status dashboard helps solidify your project proposals and strategies. And it also safeguards that all stages of your project progression are on track for achievement and client fulfillment.

Construction Daily Project Status Report Template

It does not really matter which type of business you are into keeping the record is a necessary aspect of running a successful business.

In a construction project, record-keeping is one of the most fundamental parts of the project. Without a progress and record report, you cannot deal with a construction project.

So, a general construction report monitors activity performed on-site containing labor, factory, apparatus and tools, and raw material. Using a pen and paper is a bit old-school approach. These days the world is progressing and going toward the digital world. The same is the case for construction, keeping a record is a difficult and time-consuming job especially in a business like construction. So, you must choose a decent tool to manage and proceed with your business.

There are quite a few construction management tools available. But to trail your daily progress the best option is an excel bases Construction Daily Report Template.

Agile Daily Project Status Report Template

Agile Daily Project Status Report Template Excel is useful for explaining the systematic status of ongoing projects to concerned stakeholders and team members. It is connected with product backlog and scrum where the scrum team keeps the list of staff stories. It works parallel to project requirements and changes according to business changes or technology up-gradation for healthy output and successful completion of a project.

Sprint Weekly Project Progress Report Template

The weekly project progress report template allows getting the overall in-detail report of the whole week’s output with complete details of the team individually and in groups. This is a very useful approach for managers to stay updated with project status.

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