Milestone and Task Project Timeline Template

What are the Project Milestones & Task Project Timeline?

It is good when we convert complex tasks into simple parts. Project Managers breakdown the Projects into small parts and the Milestones are used to measure the achieved growth of a project in a specified time period.

Thus, Project Milestones are the indicators or marking points that indicate the task’s time to time durations from one point to another point Similarly Task Project Timelines are used to trace a project’s event in a sequence or chronologically.

The project team or stakeholders can understand the progress of a project in just a single glance with the help of the Task Project Timeline and it also keeps the stakeholders aligned together according to requirement. Every component comes with duration and time.

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Project Timeline Chart with Milestones and Tasks

Milestone and Task Project Timeline Template helps to create a graphical presentation of data of your Projects. This chart is used for the scheduling of a specific event or task in a project it’s monitoring, execution, and overall management as well as the set time and duration. Which allows us to check the scheduled tasks and completed tasks as well.

How to create a project timeline with Milestone in Excel?

Task Project Timeline with Milestones Template

You can easily create a Project Timeline in our preset Templates by using the following steps:

  1. Firstly, give a Title Name to your Project Timeline.
  2. In the datasheet in the first columns write down Milestones
  3. Next Columns You will enter the data of your Tasks (Names) after breaking down into small tasks
  4. In the fourth column Enter the Start Date of your Project
  5. Next columns enter the expected End Date of the Project
  6. After that, you need to enter the Duration of the given task’s completion
  7. Then set a Priority of task (Low, Medium, or High) in the Project
  8. Similarly, you can enter labels and line dimension for the chronicle view of the Project Timeline Charts

Types of Project Milestone with Timeline Template?


Types of Milestone and Task Project Timeline Template vary from Project to Project. There are different types of charts e.g.,

  1. Gantt Chart with Milestone Timeline

Gantt Chart with milestone Timeline template is used to track your team’s performance either the tasks are getting complete in given deadlines or not and everyone is how efficient in his domain. You can read a very helpful detailed related article: Gantt Chart with Milestone Template Excel

  1. Vertical Lines Timeline Charts
  2. Horizontal Lines Timeline Charts
  3. Interactive states Timeline Charts
  4. static states Charts
  5. Chrono graphical Charts

It’s all depends on the nature of the project where you need to use these templates.

There are many types of Project Templates (Related Article: Multiple Tracking Template Excel) but there are a few of following examples of the Milestone and Task Project Timeline Template which are being used by the top Project Managers frequently at most of the time to run their projects:

  1. Construction Projects Templates
  2. T Projects Templates
  3. Engineering Project Templates
  4. Product Development Projects Templates
  5. Marketing Projects Templates
  6. Infrastructure Projects Templates
  7. Healthcare Projects Templates
  8. Project Milestone Template ppt

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