A project in progress without a task list fails to show that whether the project is as per planning or not. In the absence of a checklist or a task tracking system, it is not possible to carry out the work efficiently and accurately.

A project task tracking can be defined as a general to-do list of actions. Typically, they are little action items that are needed to solve a case. According to management software, in a project schedule tasks are line items having a start and due dates to make the progress of tasks easy.

In simple words, task tracking is a component of project management. By using this a task can be followed throughout its entire journey in a project. In addition to tracking, it also comprises planning, trials, and then reporting.

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A task is required to be tracked from all dimensions for instance its current progress, resources including both financial and labor, time deadlines, notifications, recurrence, and more. A task can have various states listed below:

  • Assigned
  • Ready
  • Terminated
  • Expired
  • Finished
  • Forwarded
  • Failed

These states can be tracked by a project task list. All such information makes the project progression very smooth. Excel project task tracking template is very helpful in handling all data and leads to satisfied task management.

 Use of Templates for Management of Task and Tracking


Project managers under the supervision of team leaders executing various projects of different sizes can utilize pre-constructed templates to manage the tasks assigned to the crew. These templates serve as the initiation step and can be reused repeatedly. It saves your effort of recreating from scratch every time you require planning a project, checking task progress or tracking current status, and reporting it to users or stakeholders.  It can also estimate the planned and actual durations of tasks automatically, allowing to draw easy contrasts and to figure out if the progression of the tasks is as per schedule or not.

Benefits Of Task Tracking Template

Below mentioned are the benefits that efficient task tracking templates will bring to projects:

  • Focus On Task And On Budget

By understanding the effort and time spent on a task by the employees, it can be estimated where to invest more budget. The importance of tasks can be determined which will assist in coping up with deadlines and concluding projects accurately.

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It will also allow you to monitor the efficiency of your team as some of the members may be wasting a lot of effort and time on less important stuff or probably more crew members are working than required. In this way, one can distribute and adjust the tasks as per need.

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  • Handle All Tasks In One Place

A task tracking template will allow you to access all the projects and tasks within it from a single platform at any place and time. Continuous going back to the office computer is not required. It grants you access to all the projects and tools from your own computer or phone. It also brings organization to your work as everything would be in the same place. This helps in synchronization among the entire team and prosperity of projects.

  • Plan For Improvement

Keeping a record of previous projects always helps you to improve future projects. In this way, you can acknowledge that what sort of tasks need more attention, time, and money so that future planning becomes convenient. You can customize the project task tracking template according to your requirement to attain more success. It can be easily updated by software in no time that will depict how projects are going along. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can look for reforms that will bring you back on track.

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  • Prioritize Tasks

It is a crucial job to recognize the importance of tasks as you can be lost in the process while handling a lot of work. Because of poor management, a deadline can be easily missed or the task couldn’t be performed the way it should be. Task tracking helps you to prioritize your worklist so you can accomplish the most important of them precisely and efficiently.

  • Team Cooperation

Execution of a project is a team effort so with the use of task tracking templates this collaboration becomes smooth. Analysis of multiple topics and discussions creates tasks updates and your team would never miss important information. Brainstorming sessions can always access and all the gathered ideas can be reviewed anytime you desire.

  • Manage Deadlines

It is not difficult to get lost when you have got plenty of work. It isn’t impossible that some of the deadlines fail to meet due to insufficient time or simply you didn’t remember. By using task tracking, such risks will be hampered remarkably. You can put reminders and make certain that all work be done in time leaving nothing behind.

  • Save Time On Follow-Ups

It is essential to take follow-up to test progress after assigning a specific task to an employee to guarantee a smooth flow of work and more. Such follow-ups require time and you need to memorize them. By using task tracking software, after entrusting the task you can just check online about the work progress after the employees have updated their task status, and if not you can pinpoint the unaccomplished task.

Multiple Project Tracking

It is the process of handling more than one project at the same time along with managing resources, budget, and deadlines. Excel gives an easy approach to creating templates that help in the efficient planning and processing of multiple projects within one spreadsheet. The name of the projects along with the customer name and project manager name could be seen on the template. This allows easy understanding of the projects and it makes it easier to contact respective persons for updates. Brief summary sheet about the project report can be added for frequent access.

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