In this article, we are going to discuss the issue log template excel. An issue log is a document that enlists the problems. This helps the managers to find out the issue in the project and resolve it on time. This tool basically is designed to address and manage the issue and problems occurring in a project from time to time.

The issue log works by managing complaints and trails the issue from reporting to resolving. So, this tool is an effective way to track, manage and finally resolve the problem on time.

  1. Is Issue log template excel is available in google sheet?
  2. Can I use the issue log template in my project management tasks?

In this article, we will be looking at What is a risk and issue log and the purpose of an issue log?

Issue Log Template in Excel

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Key Features of Project Issue Log Template

And we will also be discussing What is the issue management process and what is issue management?

Project Management issue Log Excel

In Project Management the Issue Log is utilized to file problems, evaluate their effect on the project and build measures that can be brought to eliminate the issue, or at least decrease its impact.

A project issue log is frequently applied to illustrate and document the difficulties that have occurred and evolved within your project. And in the next step, the information is then applied to resolve the issue.

The kind of problems included in a project issue log could be issued with the team, technical difficulties, supplier, or contractor problems, or yet any concerns that could have a curative influence on the project.

Consequently, an issue log is an example of project credentials and culpability. The issue log is used throughout the project to seize any problems carried up. The log must be updated and well conveyed to all project participants as renews are rendered.

Basic Elements of an Issue Log Template excel

An issue log is an important document that enlists when and where the issues are accumulated or whether they have been seen or not. This way you can trace the problem from the moment when it was pinpointed up until it has been resolved.

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Here are some of the most abundant components of the issue log template:

  1. Issue Number: The issue number is the first thing to document on the log. It helps to keep the issue tracking program well managed.
  2. Status of the project: It is important to take note of whether the issue is in progress or has been resolved. Consequently, taking the status of the issue is very important to manage them.
  3. Issue Description: Next comes the Issue description. The description documentation is also very important to manage and keep track of the problems.
  4. Main Concern: Assigning priority to an issue is a crucial thing in a progress of a project. You should resolve the most problematic issue first. This tool helps you to assess and assign priorities to the problems.
  5. Assigned to: This is also of paramount importance. As it helps you to see which person is doing what in the program issue solving system.
  6. Raised Up by This is distinct from the appointed to. This person is the individual who initially found it, and they must be mentioned here.
  7. Open Date and close date: You must note down the open and closing date, and to do so you must have proof of the issue date of the problem. And you must also have documentation about the closing date.

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Types of Issue Log Template Excel

Few main types of issue log templates, check out and request us to download any of these templates for your project.

Prince2 Issue Log Template

The Objective of the Issue Register is to secure and keep data on all the matters that are being officially handled. The Issue Register must be examined and supervised by the Project Manager regularly without any delay.

A prince2 issue register template is a kind of manuscript that generates a carbon copy of itself when you start it. This copy contains the copy of the layout and structuring of the prince2 issue register. This tool is an amazing way to identify and address the issues. While planning and constructing prince2 you will be able to document all the information very easily as this is a user-friendly tool.

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Defect Log Templates

A defect log template an amazing tool and a very handy document used in formulating a track record of flaws occurs. It is a valuable and beneficial tool that shows the nature of defects as well as their resolutions. Plus, it often has the option to document and address the reasons for defects occurring.

This tool is great at determining things that are advantageous to diminishing defects. A defect log declares and presents the information about problems as clearly as possible so managers can simply find out the solution of the problem and can fix it.

Change Log Template

There are thousands of ways to change a project. But the most important and crucial thing to keep in mind is logging and documenting the change.

Logging changes in the change-log support keeping your procedures well-coordinated. The change-log is a detail used by the project crew to log and follow change applications during the project.

Issue Tracker Dashboard Excel

Excel is flawless for generating an issue tracker template. In this dashboard we can define our priorities, initiating statuses, names, dates, departments, issues types, priorities, and many more to rectify the errors and glitches in safe time.

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Employee Error Tracking Spreadsheet

This template is productive to check the employee performance and errors, a very convenient way to track the problems and deficiencies of employees individually in their named spreadsheets available in the dashboard. Use Employee Productivity Tracker for error-free project progress.

This template is specially designed for use by all staff or teams in a project. Typically, this template is ideal for HR Managers.

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