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The main objective of using a stakeholder register is to enlist and document the number of stakeholders and their details. This template also documents how and why a particular stakeholder is involved in a project and to what extent. This also helps you to maintain a guide to maintain and manage the stakeholder manual or a logbook.

  1. Stakeholder Template According to PMBOK
  2. Stakeholder Analysis & Reporting Template
  3. Example Templates

It will allow you to filter the most promising and potential stakeholders. A good stakeholder analysis aids in accomplishing your projects successfully on time. It also provides an outline of the project requirements and demands.
The stakeholder register provides the information record of all related team members, contractors, suppliers, buyers, service providers, etc. This template is very efficient to get the immediate data of the required personnel and to make analysis according to need or task requirements.

Stakeholder Register XLS

What is Project Stakeholder Register Template?

Let’s check out some examples of stakeholder registers in different departments, each project required a different kind of template.

  1. Scope Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. Procurement Management
  4. Risk Management

In this article, we shed some light on what a stakeholder register template is and why is it important in project management. We will also see what the main components of this register are.

What are the Components of Stakeholder Register Template Excel?

The stakeholder template allows you to see which stakeholder has what role and how much impact on your project. You should monitor and document all the stakeholders carefully in the stakeholder template as it helps your project immensely.

The stakeholder register template should be updated regularly on regular basis. This a user was friendly and easy-to-use template is mainly valuable for stakeholder interaction and communication.

Let us see what the main components are:

  1. First comes the id of each stakeholder. The id will keep them from mixing as sometimes the names are the same. In this case, the id will help them differentiate and identify them easily. So, allocating id to each stakeholder and documenting it on the template is the first step.
  2. Then there comes the name. In the next step, you document the name of each stakeholder against their allocated id number.
  3. After that, you put their role in the project in the assigned section on the register template.
  4. Then you must categorize them based on their position. This is done by documenting the stakeholder’s place whether the stakeholder is internal or external.
  5. Every stakeholder has a level or frequency of power in a project. So next you put down the level of their power.
  6. The last column in the template is often for risk tolerance. This indicates that how much risk a stakeholder can handle.
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Stakeholder Register Tempalte Excel

What are the main Categories of the Stakeholder Register?

Following are some main types of categories of stakeholders in different phases of project planning.

  • Stakeholder Identification.

This template is used for stakeholder identification individually and with a group of people and the companies who are involved in your project. Basically, a stakeholder identification template is used to gather the initial and further information on all connected concerns with the project.

  • Stakeholder Assessment.

The stakeholder Assessment template is used for staff and other stakeholders’ identification before the project begins. Group them all according to their interest, skills, and domains to get the best successful outcome rate. This also plays an important role to set effective communication between all stakeholders throughout the complete project processing.

  • Stakeholder Classification.

Generally, stakeholders are divided into two classes internal stakeholders & external stakeholders. Internal are those people like employees and managers etc. within the organization working on internal tasks for project processing and the external stakeholders are the suppliers, service providers, customers, and consumers which are attached with the organization but not the part of the organization like internal stakeholders.

Benefits of Stakeholder Register Template Excel

Managing a project is never an easy task. But using an appropriate and efficient template can make your life easy. The stakeholder management templates are effective in the proper development and successful completion of the project. It allows better communication and earns the trust of your shareholder.
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  1. Stakeholder management helps to wipe out risks in your project by keeping an eye on all the vital steps and the stakeholders associated with them.
  2. It also allows managing risks and problems by identifying the member and stakeholders and their influence on the task in the project.

You can also pinpoint and distinguish the stakeholders in favor by using this Stakeholder register template. As all the stakeholders can not agree with you on all the aspects. You can have some on your side and some may be against you.

This template is best to identify the people and group of people their biodata and skills information to get the best output according to their abilities either, they are internal stakeholders or external stakeholders.

This also allows you to have better communication as you can find and contact the specific stakeholder immediately by using this template. This will support you in keeping the project progress on right track.

What are the Types of Stakeholder Risk Register?

Following are the main types of Stakeholder Risk Register Template:

Stakeholder Risk Management Template

This template describes the general risk that occurs during the proceeding of a project to manage it accordingly to rectify the issues for effective output.

Stakeholder Risk identification Template

This template is used to put the information according to the standards checklist to find out and identify the risk factors.

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Stakeholder Analysis Template

The stakeholder analysis template is designed to collect the related person’s (with project) qualitative information to find out their interest in the project and their skills and qualifications for the better implementation for project proceeding.

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Consequently, the Stakeholder register template Excel is an effective and easy way to manage and accomplish your project on time. It is a handy tool and highly recommended to use for better communication between you and your sponsors.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q. 1. What is the purpose of the stakeholder register?

Ans. This approach is very useful for managers to keep their stakeholder’s records in well organized documented form. It allows to rectify errors and glitches in time and increase productivity.

Q.2. Is there any annual renewal fee for this template?

Ans. No, you have the lifetime subscription option.

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