Prince2 Project Management

Prince2 is a project management methodology created by the British government, it stands for Project in Controlled Environment. Firstly, it was used by the British Government only, but now it is used in private sectors as well worldwide. Features of Prince2 project management methodology: Key features on which the Prince2 project management methodology focuses are: […]

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Employee Performance Plan Template

When a company hires an employee, it goes through its weaknesses and strengths. Employee Performance Plan specifically helps you to categorize your team according to their strength and instead of putting company matters at risk and challenging their effectiveness, meaningful work plans are developed which overall improves the efficiency of project outcomes. Employee performance plan […]

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pmp application template

PMP Application Template

Making and implementing a PMP application template can be rather a tricky job. As in many cases, we have seen that project managers struggle in maintaining a proper balance in the project development. These templates mainly include and document your experience throughout the project life cycle. This template is important because of the following reasons: […]

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Project Management Life Cycle Templates

Project Management Life Cycle Templates Excel

In this article, we guide you regarding the project life-cycle template in excel and word for project planning. Before starting any new projects (IT+ Construction) you need these PMP templates for project management. Project management is a rather tricky and tough job to do. The project managers need to take care of the project at […]

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